Turning old into done!

Floundering a bit, looking for my next project. I put some of my favorite items up on the design wall, waiting for them to speak out loud and clear to me.

Sigh……..they were all so quiet. I almost grabbed the small quilt above, but looked through a stack on another shelf and found an old, old sample. Actually, it was the sample I made for the first pattern I wrote. BTW, I was never a successful pattern writer, mostly because I did not try hard to market them. And not too much interest in writing them!

Anyway, I grabbed this and got it ready to be quilted.

And the first question is always, “What color thread shall I use?” I had the end of a cone of royal blue for the top that I wanted to use up (which I didn’t!) but I wanted something different for the back.

Yeah, lots of bobbins of different colors. Well, the front was all colors, so why not the back? And quilted with the simplest of straight line grids……..

the different colors were totally fine. And I did not obsess over my grid NOT being true and straight and square. This was a quilt that was headed for use as a utility baby quilt, so done is 1000% better than perfect!

Guess what I used for the binding? Yep, leftover bits from other quilts!

Finished it up this morning and all the little bits and pieces of color look totally fine with each other. AAAAANNNDDD I have a top quilted that has been kicking around for probably 11 years or a bit more.

This finish energized me and I’m ready to approach that design wall with a bit more enthusiasm next time.

4 thoughts on “Turning old into done!

    • I always seem to have tons of leftover binding pieces…maybe because I never measure for binding, only estimate. I also have tons of binding made for quilt tops that are still sitting on the shelf! I think I need to get going on those quilts sometime this century, too!


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