Too, too much!

I have said it before but too many choices make things so much harder. I have such an over-abundance of materials that I can say “What if…” just about 100 times too many! I was pretty sure that I wanted to use the black and white with bright leftovers that I had. I figured I would either put them on individual squares and embellish them or try to put them on a background all together. Here’s what happened when I started to pull fabrics.

Individual blocks on these light backgrounds (because they were already cut into squares) did absolutely nothing for me. And I tried one more light background, a vanilla grunge.

Even less than blah.

Could I possibly use the leftovers of that orange line of fabric?

Absolutely no way!

I knew that I did not want plain, flat black so I tried some prints and colors. Soooo many more than I have pictures of here!

Again…not! So I went to what I wanted to try in the beginning–but I had felt the obligation to try out some cottons first. Open up those silk plaids!

Easily eliminated all the ones that were mostly red. The ones with blue, pink and purple-ish were kept for further consideration.

I liked this one a lot with the orange petals. And this one with the blue petals.

Laid them out next to each other for a possible combined piece, but that’s probably too busy-busy.

Still haven’t eliminated all the plaids–

and it could simply mean that I need to make two similar pieces.

As I looked over my stash of fabrics, and had so many possibilities running through my head, I felt overwhelmed by the potential. I totally could not process any more and need a break. Time for my brain to slow down that spin and make some choices subconsciously. When I go back to it, things should be much clearer. Aaaand, I posted on IG and FB and got some feedback help from my friends. Things should be much clearer tomorrow!


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