Romping in the leaves

Not the leaves in the yard, this time, though I do love to do that. My subconscious did it’s job when I gave it a little processing time and I came to the studio ready to make decisions!

Decision 1 is that there will definitely be NO mash-up of blue and orange leaves (or should I be calling them petals?). Do I love them enough to make two similar pieces? I think so. And the blue plaid and orange leaves are first.

But before I put the silk plaids and blue leaves away, I wanted to take another look and try to sneak in a decision on that one, too.

I’m not totally eliminating either of these plaids, but I’m not in love with them. Just because, I grabbed a pure white canvas and put the leaves on it. Hmmm…

Not eliminating this idea either! But back to the orange.

Before I even decided on any layout options, I wanted to give the background a little texture. I did not want to have to worry about totally straight lines in that plaid and going nuts if things don’t line up.

A few lines of double needle stitches gave it some texture, but I’m not sure it took care of the straight lines. I may not be able to get as wonky with it as I would like.

Now to the layout. It was always going to be long and tall. But organization–random, more straight and traditional looking or kinda random with some overlapping?

This is where my friends on IG and FB helped me clarify my thinking and I chose that third option, kinda random with a bit of overlapping.

I have this version all basted and ready for it’s next steps.

It’s time to step back again and let the subconscious sort through the options…how much machine work, all hand work, lots of embroidery or beads…?  My subconscious is sure getting a workout this week!