Screech of squealing tires….

Can you hear the squeal of those tires on the pavement from the abrupt change of direction? Another lesson here on “What Not To Do” or “How I Extended the Timeline of My Project”….

I had my project totally set and ready to go. Layered with the batting and basted in place. Selected a nice, heavy thread to start my embroidery and took my first few stitches…

See the little white ‘stitches’? Those are NOT stitches!!! That is the batting being pulled through with that thick thread that I want to use. Bearding like I have never had before–but I’ve never used this particular weight and type of thread before, and of course it’s the only one I want to use. Screeeeeeeeech!

Took out all my basting and removed the batting. Meaning? Simply that my embroidery is now going to be done almost all by hand, and not quilted as I go. It means that I will need to be aware of leaving areas for quilting so that I can add it later, either by hand or machine. IF I don’t change my normal presentation with batting and quilting for texture and softness. That’s a possibility now, too.

I also have the leaves machine stitched to the plaid background and they were not all nice and even…which I thought would not be noticed by the time the piece was done.

Well, I’m really noticing it now and I’m not happy about it. Which means that after I have my first embroidery done, that machine stitching will have to be ripped out.

And it looks so much better without that harsh line. That’s really what made me change to a simple running stitch to start, instead of a stitch on top of that machine made line to hide it.

Now a project that could have been done in about 2 weeks will most likely extend well into the summer. I can’t sit for hours on end hand stitching, so working time will be in short bursts. I’m almost positive that I will be happier with the results and that I will love the time I spend on it. It also means that I’m not going to be posting about this until it’s close to done.

Hmmm–do I want to start right in on the blue leaves that I set aside? Or get another quilt ready for quilting? I did say that one of my goals this year is to always have a quilt ready to go, so I should probably get that done first. Looks like I have my ‘work’ list all set for the next few days! It’s always fun to go through the quilt tops to select the next one for quilting, too.

Could be a few days before the next post…I have a LOT of tops to go through!


4 thoughts on “Screech of squealing tires….

  1. I agree there is no substitute for the look of hand stitching..I also have fallen into that rabbit hole.
    I particularly like big stitching..Love that orange thread…good luck removing the machine stitches…
    ~ ~ ~ ~ waving to you from Julierose ;)))


    • All the basting and machine stitching is now removed and that orange thread was a bear to use! But now it’s on to the slow relaxation of hand embroidery…a great couch-potato project! What would we do without our stitching right now? Stay safe and stitch on!


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