Busy fabric pulling

My first task for the day was to select a quilt top to be prepped for finishing. I took the easy way out. I only had one quilt that already had a back ready, so that’s the one I picked.

This was a mystery quilt that I made at a retreat quite a while ago. I did not like my fabric choices by the time I got to the third clue, but I had to go with what I had at the retreat. It’s small, so should be quickly finished, and will be finding a new home as soon as it’s done!

Not sure what color thread I want to use for the quilting. Pretty sure it will have a lot of straight lines, though!

My second task was to start a new art quilt and I planned on using my other set of big leaves.

I like the way they looked on the white canvas so that’s where I went with my fabric pulling. White/light/low volume, and it was okay.

Wasn’t quite satisfied so I tried the other end of the spectrum with blacks.

I was unexpectedly happier with these than with the lights. I was ready to go with one of these and took one last look at the fabric shelves. Of course something else caught my eye and I thought I’d try it just for laughs!

And then more orange…

Okay–I really, really love orange and I don’t think I can go back to the black or the white!

The choices are getting real now. I’m so enamored of this orange print that I may try to use it…even though I could certainly use a bigger piece of it.

Naturally, it’s at least 10 years old, so that won’t happen!

And I could not believe what I found as I was pulling fabrics. MORE stamped maple leaves!!

I’m not sure if I want to make more of what I did with the other ones,

but there are certainly enough of them now that I could make a huge piece! More on the back burner…another UFO…not a big deal, but it means re-thinking another one that I thought was all figured out!

Anybody got any of this fabric????????????????