Blue and orange

I’ve been alternating work with the big orange petals and the big blue petals. And alternating with my decisions on the orange petal one!

Started to go with the hand stitching decision and now I’m not sure that’s what I want to do!

I am totally fine with the big, thick orange stitches. Perfect. Then I started sewing on the black and white, and tried out several stitches.


Haven’t found the correct one yet. So now I’m re-thinking and may go back to a machine finish idea. Nah…that’s probably pretty certain!

At least the blue leaves were always planned to go with machine finishing. And I turned them from leaves to stylized trees. I’m just beginning the stitchwork with navy blue cording for trunks and a couple of branches on each tree.

I felt like I was taking chances by doing this without stabilizer or batting but I didn’t want the zigzag of the cording to show on the backing this time. I got lucky and it worked fine.

I’m ready to get it layered up and quilted now. Perhaps I’ll find a spot for a little bit of shiny thread!!

And having that small piece of that center fabric made me use my improv skills a bit more! I’m happy with this one so far!