Spring or sew?

When the weather starts to warm up and it’s sunny, it’s really hard to stay indoors and sew. So I don’t! I make sure to get out for a walk every day, even in social distancing times. Today was a nice, long one and spending time raking and starting a new rock garden are just a bonus. Fall is best but spring runs a real close second.

But I’m on a roll with my projects and getting happy with my results. I pulled out the embroidery that made me unhappy on the big orange leaves and went back to the machine. Couching yarns and cording are exactly what was needed. The leaves were big and bold and the supporting threads needed to be also.

I started with a beautiful thick-and-thin yarn and made a “stem” to support the leaves and then outlined them with a nice rusty orange color yarn.

And, yes, I absolutely could have couched both of these down by hand but I want to live long enough to see a finish here! Inside the orange, I quilted little leaf shapes with a copper metallic thread. Can’t see that sparkle in this picture, but it’s one of those details that you notice when you get up close. And the advantage of using a print for the backing, of course, is that you really never notice if your lines are wonky or there’s a skipped stitch from that pesky metallic!

All of the rest of the quilting is a nice blue, except for one line of turquoise metallic. I wasn’t sure it it added anything but I’m tired of picking out my poor decisions, so I left it in!

Here’s my favorite trick of the day. When it’s time to square up a piece, I take advantage of my wonderful work table. I lay the piece on the corner of the table, placing it where I need to trim. I fold it down and run a piece of tailor’s chalk along that table edge and get a perfect squared up corner.

I turn it and measure or use a t-square to place the other side, repeat and have a great square edge.

All that’s left is to finish up the edge now and it’s gonna be another one of my favorite finishes. I’ll couch on a round of that orange yarn and it will be done! And I should have time tomorrow to do that AND get the blue trees started. Maybe blue metallic…


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