One down, one to go

Hooray! I finished the big orange leaves. Wish I had a better name for it, but that will come eventually.

I’m so happy to be finally using up those big oval pieces. Now it’s on to the finish of the big blue ones!

I started the quilting on the orange top and bottom parts. Sometimes simple lines are the best, especially when the spaces are meant to recede and support, not stand out.

I’m taking a thinking break over the rest of the piece. Three choices running through my head right now.

Subtle blue

Not so subtle white

And really bold white

I also thought about turquoise, orange, black, about each tree being different and metallic, of course. In fact, I started with a blue metallic but it turned out to not work well. I may try it again before I finally decide. Really need some time to think.

I’ve been looking over some of my older photos for various reasons and found one that I had totally forgotten I had even made.

Wet cyanotype and I really love it. I shall have to get more of the fabric or the chemicals and try it again.

Another project I thought of is one for which I could not find a picture, so I had to take one. It happens to be one of my never-to-be-sold pieces because I love it so much! It’s only 12 x 12 but was a total joy from start to finish.

House by the River


An early beading project that cemented my love of beading.

So….a day or so being the teacher for my grandson so his mom can actually do her work from home and then I’ll be back to my projects. Probably this schedule for the rest of the ‘school year’. Perhaps a bit of garden clean up for a smidge of outdoor activity if it doesn’t rain too much! Spring time…loving it!