Getting a start on it…

There is almost never a time when I’m without a project, and this is no exception. The problem is that I’m not super enthusiastic about working on the current one. I’m also too lazy to jump right into any of the other ideas that are percolating in my brain.

Lots of shape variety when you play with leaves!

I’m sure that it’s the lazy summer days that are getting into my psyche. It surely would not be having too many ideas and being unable to commit to any of them!

My favorite sycamore—how best to use this image?

I mixed up a batch of print paste to use with thickened dye or to prep screens for deconstructed printing…but I’m not getting fabric around to play with it. I have a ton that I want to overdye and this would be a great time to do it. Nine or ten days of hot, dry weather. It would also be the perfect time for sun printing.

Summer days are perfect for regular dyeing, too. Lovely fun to swish and rinse in the sun and shade of the yard.

But perhaps the sun and shade can be enjoyed equally well if I only sit on the deck and do a bit of hand stitching.

Lazy, lazy summertime!

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    • That particular piece was done with tray dyeing. Lay the fabric in a container small enough to scrunch up the ends at the same time as you are finger pleating the middle. Apply dye in sections, making sure that you get enough to saturate all that scrunched up fabric. It’s not tied up, just scrunched tight in whatever container you use.


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