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Saving what you hate, part 2

Remember this photo, of the quilt I totally hated?

I had an idea of how I want to rescue it. Cut it into squares and pair it with a single color into half-square triangles. Easy-peasy again, right?

I selected orange as my pairing color, but the darker bronze orange in this pile.

I have a pile of really orange-orange and figured I’d like them better if they were all more bronze. So I tested a few dye colors to try to figure it out.

They are soaking right now, so it may or may not be a success.

In the meantime, I went ahead and started cutting up the quilt top. I pulled out a strip containing the top white curve because I might do something with it later. Then I cut strips and cross cut into squares and a funny thing happened along the way. I started falling in love with the squares. I put some of them on the design wall with some choices of possible backgrounds.


Black is always very dramatic.

The sections of white will disappear in a white frame.

I have way too many print choices to try them out right now, but I’m excited about all the possibilities now.

Look at those beautiful squares! Now I’m not sure what I want to do. Not going to make any decisions until I see how the orange pieces dyed up, but I’m not really thinking half square triangles any more!

I ended up with 35 squares easily and scraps enough to make probably 2 more, though I think 36 sounds just about right.

Lots more design thinking going on now……

6 thoughts on “Saving what you hate, part 2

  1. Great save for this piece!! I made a KF jelly roll last year that is SO so so so shocking pink!!!!–and i hate it…I may try cutting squares; any tips for cutting??? hugs, julierose


    1. You can cut from different mindsets— carefully audition where you make each cut OR lay it out, start from one edge and cut-cut-cut! I went with random cutting because I usually like my results better that way!

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