Turning quilt hate into quilt love

My heart has completely flipped now that I’ve found a way to save my most hated quilt. As I cut each square out of the old top, I looked at them with new eyes and found them really pretty. And then to decide on how to re-assemble this beauty was a real pleasure!

I tried several background options as well as the orange/bronze that went through 2 dye baths. Black was both cliché and drama queen. White made the white in the squares disappear. Black and white prints did nothing. It took sleeping on it and letting my subconscious go to work before I came up with a solution I liked.

It’s a simple version of the traditional attic windows pattern…narrow black band on two sides, surrounded by the orange. (Would it sound more sophisticated if I called it terra cotta?) The black part was an easy choice and quickly added to each block…hard to see on the dark design wall.

However, I decided that my terra-cotta strips were too wide and cut them down.
Before I started adding them, though, I questioned my 6 x 6 layout and tried a 5 x 7.

I elected to go with the 5 x 7. It’s not a huge quilt and it’s better for it to be more bed shaped. I’m adding in the terra-cotta now and I really would love to be young and foolish again and stay up all night to get it done! But I know my limits and that would make tomorrow a really bad day, so I’ll stay sensible. Lots of stuff to do through this weekend, which is unusual in covid time, but I’ll be grabbing every free moment to sew until this is finished!

I have fallen in love with this one now and I think it will be living with me forever.

And as I was opening my laptop to write this blog, I noticed a picture that I have had up on my desktop. On our last trip to the Toledo Museum of Art, I was absolutely mesmerized by the work of James Lavadour and took this picture of the display.

The colors of this quilt remind me of these works. Absolute direct correllation once I SAW it. I continue to hope that prints of these paintings will become available, but no luck so far. However, now that I’ve drawn that line in my mind, this quilt will always remind me of those magical paintings.

Gosh–I may even slow down on the stash busters and take time to get this one quilted. From hate to love with a few little cuts. Life is good.

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