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My new favorite four letters–


When I have another quilt top finished, I feel like shouting it out loud! And when it’s a rescue from a quilt I hated to one that I now love, it feels like a pretty big deal.

Oh, this poor little quilt that I thought was going to be so artsy, and turned out soooo ugly……….

Cutting it in to smaller squares let me see and appreciate all those pretty hand dyes. My ‘artsy’ side is not always my best side.

In fact, I am happy that this is now a useable bed quilt size and ‘art quilt’ does not come in to the equation. And as far as using up the stash goes, I was left with one block and very few little scraps.

I cut up ALL of that orange since I’ll be using it for the quilt binding, so there are a few more pieces of that left than I expected, but it’s orange! I will definitely use it. And I may take that lonely little leftover block and the bits and pieces and make a small artsy piece with it. That should satisfy both sides of my brain!

And instead of moving on to another stash buster right away, I am going to take the time to quilt this one. And keep it! Yep–I really like it!

8 thoughts on “My new favorite four letters–

  1. What a good save. I must admit that I was not in love with the first version, but the second one is great! Bravo for persisting!


    1. OH, I absolutely hated the original version. Nothing could have saved that as it was but I am so happy that I persisted in the redesign. I love it now!


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