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Easter quilting time

The thought of time for quilting at Easter would have been unthinkable just a short while ago. Now with small gatherings and the small family, Easter prep is a snap. Figure out a meal–ham couldn’t be any easier–no hiding or dyeing eggs for little children, not even a big deal with Easter baskets. Chocolate bunnies magically appear, of course, but that’s on the Easter Bunny, not me! Extra time = quilting time. That’s a balanced equation in my life!

I got lots of straight line quilting done on the triangle quilt. In fact, almost all of the straight line stuff that I think I need.

All the time I was doing that, I was trying to figure out what I wanted in the big triangles. Outline the flowers that are in most of them? Find a design that could fill the space…I have lots of stencils, but I really prefer free form quilting. One design for the print triangles and something else for the white? I couldn’t decide. I thought that I might end up with this feather kinda thing that I used on another quilt, but these triangles are really large!

Turned out to not be very difficult after all. I thought I’d see what a little swirly design would look like in the white triangles and I liked it. Then the light finally dawned…again!! When I remind myself of the purpose of the quilt, the quilting becomes easy. This is a simple lightweight coverlet for the bed and simple and done should be my goal. So swirls it is, on both the white and the print triangles.

Easy, no brain-strain, and I’ll have the light coverlet that I want. Now, it IS large and will take a while, but I can put on some tunes and quilt away on it whenever I have a bit of that extra time. Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer!