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My back hurts!

And it’s all because I was determined to get the triangle quilt finished. I’m old now and can’t sit at the machine hour after hour like I used to! Even though I have a good chair, watch my posture and take breaks, multi-hour quilting is just not a good thing anymore. BUT that quilt is DONE!

I took a picture of it before it goes in the washer and dryer. There is a bit of experimental angst since I used the wool for the batting/backing. I don’t anticipate any problems, but you just never know.

And now I really, really need to get out into the yard and clean up the flower beds. It’s too early to plant any annuals, but those perennials are pushing their way up already.

It’s springtime!

4 thoughts on “My back hurts!

  1. I hear ya……why can’t we do it all anymore?!? NEXT BEST thing……just do what you can to keep moving!!


    1. Yep-that’s why we go to the gym. Move it or lose it. I always tell people that I only go so that if I fall and break my hip, I can still crawl my way over to the snacks!


  2. It is beautiful. I wish my quilting was as good. I have one “on” the machine now. I am taking a break.


    1. Breaks are very necessary! And just quilt away on it. Done is always better than perfect and they most always look perfect when we step away from the machine!!!

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