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Scribble fun

I have been wanting to make some greeting cards with fabric and scribble stitching for quite some time. I’ve also procrastinated because I’m pretty sure I’ll mess it up! Today I got up my nerve and tried it.

I like them! I didn’t want to stop…and I certainly am not gonna run out of fabric…but I did run out of time. I have a project, with a self-imposed deadline, that I can’t even show you right now, because it’s a surprise. But there will definitely be more of these cards made!

The quilting started out very simply, with my favorite blue tape and sewing alongside it. I put it on with random angles and then decided that I did not want to do the whole quilt that way. And that, seriously, made me take a long break.

I simply had no idea of what I wanted to quilt in those spaces. Every idea I thought of left me cold. I did a quick few minutes of a meandering stitch, and a few LONG minutes ripping it out! Resignedly, I decided to use my go-to little square spiral blocks. And then I kinda went wonky with them!!!

Fun! I’m quilting from the back side, actually, so that I could go crazy without being influenced by the pieces or seam lines on the front. It’s working quite well and I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot with each little section that I fill in.

I haven’t even really taken a look at the front side. This wonky block quilting is making the back interesting and fun to do. Onward!!! I promise I will show you the front as soon as it gets to it’s new owner.

8 thoughts on “Scribble fun

    1. I’ve quilted from the back before, when the front is really scrappy or busy. Easier to see where I’m going sometimes! And I can’t wait to nake more of those postcards…lots of different design ideas and I *do* have an art night coming up!

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