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Thread sketching

I have wanted to work with paper and fiber together for quite a while and keep trying different techniques. This last week I have been pushing to finish a quilt but I found a few moments to try a little thread sketching. I’ve already shown you my first attempts at making greeting cards, but here it is again.

Today was a happy, lazy, pajama day so I got to play a lot more. I tried several styles and got a pile of cards finished.

I would have made a lot more, but I ran out of glue stick, which is the easiest way for me to construct these! And I didn’t want to give up pajama day to go to the store and get more glue! I’ve been looking online for more images and styles to try and I can’t wait to get back to it. This is soooooo much fun!

7 thoughts on “Thread sketching

    1. I get sooooo much inspiration from your blog! Before you led me down the greeting card rabbit hole, I had only done post cards, so this was a refreshing change. It’s also very addictive, so I’m glad I have lots of cards to play with!


    1. They are directly stitched right on the front flap so the inside has the stitching on the left and blank on the right when you open it. Another technique would be to stitch on a separate fabric and attach to the card with fusible or glue or hand stitch.


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