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It fell off the shelf…

Honestly! These blocks fell off my shelf today when I was moving stuff around.

I truly do not know where they came from. I know that I didn’t make them because they contain fabric that I never owned, but I am often given fiber related things. In any case, I love them and they are a big distraction from the cards I’ve been making. And they led me right to my overflowing black scrap basket! There is a lot of gray in the found blocks and not so much in my scraps, but I think I can make something of this pile.

I sorted and sorted and found this pile of compatible scraps–

and this one–

and a few more. as well as a bunch of already cut black and white strips!

I spent a lot of time today sewing strips together and barely made a dent. I don’t have a plan in mind for how I want to proceed with quilt construction. All I know right now is that I’m using scraps and making fabric. And that pile of scraps on the table is still pretty darn high! The basket is still full, too, since I only selected fabrics compatible with my inspiration blocks. I’m very confident that I will have more than enough fabric from this single scrap basket to make a full quilt.

Using scraps is time consuming but I’m always so happy when I have a completed scrap project. Love using ’em up!

2 thoughts on “It fell off the shelf…

  1. What a nice challenge you are facing…..I have no doubt you’ll create another stunning piece….anxious to see it!!


    1. This is another project where I have too many resources for what actually needs to be done. I’m starting to figure it out, but I think I have enough for two quilts! And that’s just working with scraps!


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