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Surprise quilt

Quite a while ago I made a commission quilt for my niece. As with most of my improv work, I had leftover fabric at the end that went into my stash. But I kept this fabric separate, as I sometimes do, because it all went together so well. During one of my use-up-the-stash surges, I decided to take every bit of this fabric and use. it. up. And I did–there was enough to make a decent size throw, which I planned on giving to that same niece. The fabric was used, the top was made and it promptly went onto the shelf and I forgot all about it. The pic below is the pieced back of the original and I still had enough fabric to make that throw! Talk about over-stashing!

And here’s a pic of the original. I can see that I used much more of the light fabrics in it than the dark.

This was the week that throw got finished!

Lots more green and brown in this version, but certainly nothing left for a pieced back. I used muslin and had a great time with the quilting.

I divided the top into random sections with painter’s tape and got the straight lines done first. As I thought about what to put in each section, I had a lot of blank brain moments! I ended up with my go-to design of spiral squares, but I made them extra wiggly and wonky. Much more interesting. Aaaaaaand……….I quilted it from the back. So much easier than trying to see what I was doing on that busy, scrappy front.

Even after it’s all done, it’s hard to see on the front. But I’m really happy with it and it’s DONE!

But this is a surprise so I couldn’t show it until it’s shipped and delivered. And that has happened and I am officially finished with all the fabric that was part of this project…both times!! Hooray for use up the stash!