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And back to the strips…

Sewing, sewing, sewing strips together, without a plan is kinda boring. But it makes it easier when you do start to get a plan to have sewn sections from which to pick.

I made a couple of those wonky stars to join those that fell off that shelf and now I know why I won’t be making any more of them!

It’s difficult to manipulate the pieced strips and all their seam allowances into the right positions on the black square and still end up with a nice square! But as I began to place stars on the design wall, an idea started to take shape in my brain. Stars At Night jumped into my brain as both a title and a design plan.

And by unstitching and repositioning the gray blocks, I thought about mountains and then…

houses underneath the starry sky. I’m working on developing houses in the lower section now.

I very rarely will make anything so directional for a bed quilt. This one simply must be this way. It has given me no choice. And it is definitely a bed quilt. That’s mostly the whole point of using up the scraps.

However, even after using all that I possibly can from that pile I started with, I know there will still be enough in that black and white basket for more than this single quilt!

And the other color baskets are just as full. Sigh…no wonder I’m sure that I will never use it all up. But it sure is fun trying!

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