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Fiddly fixing

Working with improv has both plus and minus considerations. Plus–no patterns, free form cutting and piecing, no seams to match or pieces to fit until final assembly. Minus–fitting weird shapes and unique sizing together in final assembly.

This is pretty much the final design of the improv scrap Stars At Night quilt. See all those holes in between the ‘blocks’? That’s all fiddly, fussy, add-a-piece, trim-a-piece, partial seam, slow work. That’s where I’m at right now and under absolutely no pressure to hurry and finish it!

I guess I’m just letting you know that there may not be much posting while I finish filling those holes. Not enough to show from one pic to the next, so better to wait until I have the whole thing done.

And, in life outside the studio, vaccinations are making social activities possible again. Even though we live in the highest Covid state in the nation right now, I feel very comfortable having dinner with my brother, lunch with all-vaccinated lunch group, dinner with all-vaccinated old friends. I really want to see an all-vaccinated country, but my personal part is looking better! To paraphrase my daughter, science exists whether you “believe” in it or not! Keep your mask on and enjoy what is improveing where you can!

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