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Hmmm…maybe I need to measure.

Pictures don’t lie. My last post showed you the basic quilt design for my Stars At Night quilt.

As I started to build, things went quite quickly, until I got to this center part. That was all fiddly and fussy and took a while.

I ended up needing to make one more ‘house’ and then it took shape rather well. I had already decided on that bottom row of all strips and roofs, so once that center was done, it was only two more seams and suddenly it was done!

And now, looking at the picture, I’m not sure that the bottom and top are the same width. It could just be the angle of my camera when I took the pic. I thought I squared things up as I went along, but now I’m almost afraid to go down and check! Is it fixable? Of course. Do I want it to be just the slanted angle. Of course. Am I too lazy to check as I’m writing this. Also, of course.

My only real question is to border or not. The traditional quilter habit that I learned with tells me that it needs a border to be really finished. My art instincts tell me that it doesn’t. It’s a scrap quilt to throw on a bed…I think the only way this will get a border is if I need it to make an easy fix on botched measuring! I don’t really have a good fabric for a border other than plain black…yawn…but that’s what it may get.

Now, I KNOW I used up a lot of scraps making this. But I still have this pile left.

Pictures can make it look like a lot, but there is not a piece in there that would measure more than about 6″ square. I really thought I had enough for two quilts, but I did not. I will throw these back in the scrap basket, but I’m done with them for now. IF I grab them on another occasion, it will be for a smaller art quilt type project!

Now to pick up the slack in home projects that I have totally neglected in favor of sewing. Paint in the living room and on old garden furniture, yard work…fun stuff but not too interesting to make blog posts about! We shall see if I stick to my adulting chores or blow them off again…….

Edited to add: I couldn’t stand not knowing if the top and bottom were the same size, so I had to go down and measure. Turns out the bottom IS almost 1/2″ narrower than the top. The picture made it look like about 2-3″, didn’t it? This will be so easy to fix because the top edge has easily trimmed sides that will not affect the star blocks, which were my main concern. OR, the even better possibility is that the steam iron is my friend and a good pressing will take care of the discrepacy. Whew! All is good!

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