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Suddenly busy!

It’s been a whole week since I’ve posted anything–almost unheard of from me! There was Thanksgiving, of course, but we also had a very full week of hockey games. Both the grandson and college hockey. We love it, we really do, but 6 games in 5 days is a LOT!

I got no sewing done, did not get everything sorted and packed for lecture and workshop this week and generally was a stranger to my studio. Had some lovely family time, though, including getting the outdoor Christmas decorations put up.

We seem to be simplifying every year, even with the help of the big, tall, strong grandson, but it’s only because it was cold and windy!

There are lots of lights at night, but I love these ornaments sparkling in the sunshine. We SAY we might add more, but it’s not truly likely.

Sooooo….gotta get ready for that lecture and workshop so there will be another few days with no studio time. I’d like to think I’ll take some pics at the workshop, but I usually forget that part when I’m teaching!

Back soon, though!

4 thoughts on “Suddenly busy!

  1. Oh yikes….you have snow and sort of a lot…..we’ve been spared so far…thankfully. It’s okay to step away from the computer, esp. for family time……so darn important we all forget that sometimes!


  2. how gorgeous! I also envy your snow. It’s downright hot in Colorado, near 80 this week, no snow in foreseeable future either. I sure hope this isn’t our new normal, we enjoy change of seasons


    1. So hard to imagine Colorado without tons of snow at this time of year! Our snow levels are down in recent years, too. But 80• in November—that’s just wrong! Might as well have moved back to Florida. Hope you get a real season change soon!

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