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Workshop fun

Taught a workshop today–IN PERSON! That was a wonderful feeling and it led to a joyful, fun filled day for everyone. I love seeing all the wonderful fabrics that the students bring in with them. Today we had Christmas and Halloween fabrics, bright graphics and florals, fall colors, soft ocean colors………so many beautiful palettes with which to work!

All day long as I teach my improv style, I say “it won’t matter!” and “you can’t make a mistake.” By the end of the day they have a new mantra, a new sense of confidence and freedom and a bunch of components for a wall hanging.

No one actually completed their little quilt today. Sometimes that happens. They worked so hard all day learning and when it came to the designing part, they needed a bit more processing time than we had…or than our brains could handle. I think I may have missed pics of some work, but I did get shots of components to share with you. I may get pics of finished pieces in the future and I’ll share those, too!

It was good to be back teaching a workshop again. It is also good to be home with my feet up, relaxing! Good day, for sure.

4 thoughts on “Workshop fun

  1. Thanks for the wonderful workshop today, Kathy. We all learned lots, and I can’t wait to see what everyone does. Mine will look considerably different when you see it, because I wasn’t happy with some of my color choices.


    1. Recognizing that you need to change some colors is important when you get to the design stage. You have to do what will make you and your piece happy with each other! I had a really fun day with your group and it’s thanks to you! Can’t wait to see your new piece!!


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