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Trees move slowly

And apparently so do I when I am working with tree images. I work an hour and then go think for an hour. Then go back and make a change or add something else.

This pic was when I first thought the design was finished.

Pretty much not following any of the accepted design principles so I decided that I needed a few more trees…but NOT right in the center! That would totally go against design principles!!

The trees and I moved slowly to an agreement and I think we are done with our little walk.

These are all fused in place and now I’m thinking again. How do I want to proceed? Machine stitch them in place? Hand stitch? Some kind of combo? White, silver, gold, blue?

Usually I work quite quickly when I have the design portion finished, but I’m going to take this one slowly. I think it will be a combo of machine and hand stitch, both for the securing of the fused pieces and the quilting. Texture and detail, equally necessary.

And while I’m thinking, I had a momentary insight into why I didn’t like this piece and put it away.

I don’t really care for these colors!

And it’s too late to change my mind. Hope it turns out well but there’s no going back, that’s for sure.

And now we wait…again!

3 thoughts on “Trees move slowly

  1. I like the direction your trees are taking; it will be a nice piece. It will be fun to see what colors you end up with on the big leaf.


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