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Banishing squirrels…

You know…those squirrels of distraction that go running by, trying to draw you away from what you started out to do. I definitely had a few running around today, but I refused to follow them!

I was sorting through some scraps to give away–yes, I did promise to do that. I ran across these leftover little triangle blocks. Yep, still love them.

And my first move was to start looking for more scraps of those fabrics, or coordinating ones and begin a new quilt with them. Damn little squirrel!

When I turned away from the scrap baskets and towards the yardage on the shelves, I finally saw that distraction for what it was…procrastination! I’m really not ready to commit to any new project right now and this would have been a simple repetition of a quilt I had made previously. I grabbed those scraps and put them into the nearest giveaway envelope. Enjoy!

I had already planned this layout for the fabrics of my KEQ group’s Half by Half by Half challenge, so I turned to that as a legitimate distraction! I measured and fused and got it ready for stitching and I feel very good about that. This is the last unfinished project that I am committed to for the summer. Nothing more on the list of ‘have to do’ and total freedom for new projects after this.

I’m ecstatic to have run all the squirrels out of the basement……….for now!

FYI–giveaway items went to Jan, Lynda and Brenda. I may have more at a later date, but that’s it for now.

5 thoughts on “Banishing squirrels…

  1. I’m starting a new project and was wanting to do triangles but rejected simply because I don’t like the process…..now after seeing these beauties I’m annoyed I didn’t push myself.


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