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Faces and skulls

I love making fanciful faces in quilts and also love making those sugar skulls. I don’t make faces often because I’ve never been able to sell one. That bit of discouragement is partly what turned me to the sugar skulls. People really love those!!!

Here are the 3 faces that I have available, just for a bit of comparison.

You Go, Girl!
‘Sup Dude

Then I started making sugar skulls. Totally over the top, exactly what I love!

The first ones ended up in a single wall hanging. It was even in an exhibit for Dia de los Muertos at the LaConner Quilt Museum.

Now that I have finished several single ones, my face obsession is being satisfied. I love making these!


I have quite a few of these prepped and I will work on them a bit at a time, when I need to do some handwork. But I have figured out that I still want to do more faces, even if I never sell a one! They are just too much fun. ALL of these pieces have so much personality. I think that’s why I love making them so much!

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