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For today’s experiment…

I have had this raw edge woven piece and this packet of gray dye in my piles of stuff forever.

Each always waiting for the right project to come along. Baloney! They could wait forever so today is the day we are going to try out that dye. Of course none of my dye experience will help, because I don’t use packaged dye like this. And the woven piece is made out of previously dyed and then rusted fabrics. No idea how rust takes Tulip dye. That’s why it’s an experiment!

And if the piece sits around longer, still waiting for the “right” project, at least I will have tried out that dye and IT won’t be sitting around waiting anymore!

Results upcoming!

Photo by Ron Lach on

I am absolutely and totally in love with this fabric!

I have a bright light shining on it for the pic, so it’s actually just a touch darker, but it is beautiful.

My idea before dyeing was to interweave some of these bright yarns into the piece.

They are sparkly and colorful and it would be fun to use some. But now that the color is changed, I may do the same type of thing but…

these wool yarns might be a better choice. As I said before, this piece may sit for a bit longer before I actually work on it again but I love it now and it won’t be a burden to finish it.

And THAT is why we ask ‘what if…?’ and experiment!

2 thoughts on “For today’s experiment…

  1. how wonderful!!!!! I’d probably think it to death since it’s so cool… it deserves a great purpose know what I mean. I want to just use the great stuff without overthinking it.


    1. You do things differently than I do. You invest emotionally in what you make and the materials you use. I’m playing ‘what if’ most of the time and don’t get attached until I’ve decided the experiment is over and the project is deserving of a finish. Maybe that only comes with age!


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