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Be my brain…….

It’s that old ‘too many choices’ situation again and I’m having a hard time deciding! I had 3 extra leafy type blocks left from my other projects and rather than put them on the shelf for a ‘someday’ finish, I’m going to finish them into something and be done with them.

I took two of them and made them into 4 real leaf shaped blocks. Now that they are on the design wall, the questions running through my mind are:

Use them in a larger 4 block wall hanging

About 36 x 40-ish in size, depending on sashing etc.

Use them in a 2×2 set

This would be about 20″ high x 30″ wide.

Or a 2×2 set this way

Or as singles

Singles would be a bit less than fat quarter size.

And I have one more to play with………..

How does your brain work? What would you do with them? In a selling situation, what do you think would be best? Hanging on your wall, what would you prefer to see?

Be my brain for me and make a decision for me. I’m kinda frozen about it all right now.

10 thoughts on “Be my brain…….

    1. I don’t make table runners and I’ve never yet sold a long, wide wall hanging! People are more interested in art that is a nice rectangle or square to fit on a wall between their windows. I have art above my mantle and above a desk, so I KNOW long and wide will work!


    1. These are already the leftovers from making placemats and I hate to make placemats! They need to become something else, so that’s what I’m working on–togetherness!!!


  1. A wise woman once told me “Long and skinny. Everyone has a long thin space that they need to fill”. Only true if you were in a selling situation, I guess.


    1. Yeah–that’s so true. I know that I have a couple of those long skinny spaces. I’m just so bad as deciding…sigh! Those final decisions are so final!


  2. I think individuals, because you would lose chunks of the leaves if you square them up to put them together. If that doesn’t concern you, two together horizontally would be okay. I heard several great comments about your snowy scene (blue) quilt.


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