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What to do with leaves…

Still working on several things at once, but some are getting close to done. I have a set of sugar skulls ready to mount and get wired. A couple more still to work on, but I think I need a break from them.

I got the lawn (weeds!) mowed and took a few moments to enjoy my flowers. The hibiscus is always so pretty and requires no care from me at all. Perfect!

And the trumpet vine finally flowered. Very generous after all the transplanting and digging up, throwing away, replanting and ignoring that I’ve put it through. It’s growing in three different spots now and I don’t think digging it out will ever get rid of it, so I may as well step back and enjoy it!

What I’m ready to get started on is a set of small leaves that I printed with thickened dyes. I want to put them on an interesting piece of background and make cards with them. I’m thinking silk, since I have so much of it, and that’s what I auditioned today.

I am not particularly happy with any of them. I also tried linen, in 3 neutral colors, wool and more hand dyes. Not hitting the right note with me, yet, but I’ll try it again another day. I have lots of leaves and lots of fabrics…maybe too much variety! It’ll come together sooner or later!

But it’s the weekend and I’m going to do nothing. Not that the weekend is any different than any other time for a retired person…but it’s a mental trick that feels like I have time off. Fun time!

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