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I want to use up some of my orange fabrics. This is the shelf where I have most of them, but there are more scattered in with the hand dyes and in other spots.

Most of them have been there for quite a few years…once loved, now forgotten. I love an orange and turquoise combination, but I’ve finally used up a lot of my turquoise on these twin quilts.

Of course I still have tons of turquoise but it’s the orange I want to concentrate on….thinking about patterns or improv with orange as we run errands. I will be on the lookout for inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Orange!

    1. Maybe–last time I used that combo it was turquoise with shots of orange! I’m leaning towards big flying geese OR improv cross blocks of different sizes….though I do love improv quarter circles……….indecision is my middle name!


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