Artisan Showcase

We are in another new venue this year! So exciting to be in such a beautiful and historic site!

The Hayden Mills site is located at 703 East Chicago Street in Tecumseh, Michigan, at the Globe Mill Pond.This was originally the site of the Globe Mill, constructed in the 1830s by Stillman Blanchard as a flour mill at the cost of over $30,000. Blanchard went bankrupt in 1858, and sold the mill to William Hayden, who changed the name to Hayden Mills. In 1898, the original mill burned, and a new mill replaced it. An electric power plant was later added.

Eventually, Hayden’s heirs sold the mill to Henry Ford. Ford rebuilt the mill and opened the plant in 1935. It employed up to 25 people in soybean processing. The site was closed in 1948. The site was used for some time as a private gun club. In 1961, it was donated to the city of Tecumseh, who used it as a Community Center, and then home to J. Trees Cellars Tasting Room.