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Projects….or total relaxation?

Since I’m about to have several days away, I’m getting some projects ready to take with me and work on. There is a LOT of stuff to take with me if I’m going to sew away from home. I’m just not sure what I want to work on, since I really don’t have a current… Continue reading Projects….or total relaxation?

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Always–keep it simple!

Yes, I finally made a decision about the new hockey quilt. Which, in case you don’t remember, has nothing to do with hockey except it’s AJ’s new team colors! I made a simple block, put it in a simple layout and then dithered about the final details. Jeez………..stay simple, for goodness sake! It was square,… Continue reading Always–keep it simple!

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Simple quilt, hard decision

The new hockey quilt is almost ready for quilting prep. I’m facing a huge amount of indecision, though, over how I want to finish up the edges! I thought I would simply put on a border of the plaid fabric and call it good. Then I thought it might be better, more practical, to make… Continue reading Simple quilt, hard decision

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Keeping it simple

As I said in my last post, my daughter thinks we’ve used up all the luck in the old hockey quilt, so I MUST make a new one. There are so many variations of flying geese quilts that even after I had decided on that, it was hard to figure out which one to use.… Continue reading Keeping it simple

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Weekend fun-ish!

It was another away hockey tournament weekend for the grandson. That means hotel time for us and for the first time in a long time, I saw some interesting hotel carpeting again. I’m not thrilled with the colors but I like the retro look. The feeling carried over into the room, with this bold choice… Continue reading Weekend fun-ish!

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Sometimes fast is good!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I dither and dither and procrastinate on decisions ALL.THE.TIME! And then a project comes along that falls into place so fast my head spins! That’s this one, which I believe was orginally a try at improv New York Beauty. I had them finished… Continue reading Sometimes fast is good!

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Glimpse a scrap…

My studio was calling my name today and I went down with the intention of making some string scrap flowers. I had a couple of methods that I wanted to try out so I cleared the table of extras and that’s when it happened! I put fabric on one shelf and a glimpse of bright… Continue reading Glimpse a scrap…