Nothing doing….

Haven’t been doing anything productive for several days, so I really don’t have a thing to show you!

Did some driveway hockey over the weekend, as well as a real grandson game.

And spent time doing this

while the car was getting serviced and then some more of the same when I got home!

This is not a week that I am feeling motivated to get a lot done. I have my guild workshops and meeting this weekend so I am prepping for that. However, this morning’s weather is telling us there will be a snowstorm this weekend! Sheesh! No snow for the whole winter so far and it has to come THIS weekend. Yuck!

Well, we shall see what happens. In the meantime, I have to go out to lunch with friends and attend a couple of evening meetings and mostly be lazy. I may even squeeze in a nap or two. I’ll work hard next week………..



Just a taste–

Since I got some new paint and a couple of new stencils, I HAD to try them out and see how everything looked. I cleared tabletops and laid out table covers and the paints and stencils……………and could not find my paint rollers! I think they are out in the garage, but it was cold out there so I wimped out and just used what I had.  Another day will get more action!

I painted over some previously dyed/painted fabric and I think the tree is going to be very popular in my future work!

And the circles printed clear and crisp and the paint colors are ones that I love!

So I got that out of my system, even though I didn’t use the green, black or white. I still have two projects with deadlines (self-imposed!) before I can spend tons of time painting and playing. And a couple of classes to teach and a couple to take…………

I guess it might be a couple of weeks before I get back to the paint, but that’s all right. Sewing on my other projects will not be a punishment!

You will be jealous…

Yes, you will be jealous that you are not the new owners of this commission piece when it is done! I’m liking it a lot and I’m pretty sure the new owners will, too.

And BAM!!! There is a huge spike of uncertainty in my head as soon as I write that. Well, nothing to be done but continue on, because it has to get finished before that final decision is made!

Looking at possible embellishments.

At this point, the only beads I am positive that I want to use are the long yellow bugle beads in the center. Embellishment is a voyage of exploration, though, so we shall see.

Trying to get it blocked square and even and then a detail of what I have so far.

It’s coming along and should be done soon.

I’m also narrowing down what I want to spend some quality time studying. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a lot of gelli plate printing on fabric. Did I tell you that already? Anyway, I picked up a few more playthings while I was out yesterday.

Now all I need to do is clear off enough space to work effectively. THAT will not be an easy task!

Working on what to work on

Spent some time tooling around the internet, trying to decide on a concentration to study, but still not quite there. There are some projects hanging around the studio that have to be finished, so trying to get at those while thinking about other things!

This is finished and ready to be mounted. Of course, I had to paint up a canvas and wait for the paint to dry…tick tock tick tock tick tock! I have decided to change the title that it had while being constructed (The Light Cannot Be Constrained) to the meaning of the symbol that I found for the center–The Light That Makes You Gasp. That phrase struck a real chord with me.

And I had too much paint so I had to use it up. It doesn’t go back in the tube, or in the jar if you mix a custom color! I grabbed a piece of fabric and some alphabet stencils and printed some dark letters.

My friends Chet and Jan have a commission piece that I’m working on, too. I showed you the planned out major stitching areas (which is unusual for me, for sure!) and here it is all cleaned up with straight lines and ready to go.

It’s sometimes a pain to remove the paper, but  it’s still waaaaay better for me than marking up a quilt top. I never have the danger of non-removeable marks this way.

I’ll probably spend some time on the internet again today, visually exploring, but I want to get more of the quilting done on this piece, too.

No deadlines is strange, but wonderful!

‘Self-directed workshop’

‘Self-directed workshop’ is a term I saw posted by someone on FB today. It’s a wonderful description of a great way to work. See something you like, get intrigued by something you have never done, remember something that you started and would like to re-visit…There are so many paths to explore and I’m certainly in the mood to grab onto something and study it in depth.

I keep saying that I want to get away from commercial fabrics and use only fabric that I have ‘created’ in some way. However, that means more than just skimming the surface of some technique and thinking that I know it.

Today is going to be an assessment day. I’m giving myself permission to hang out on the internet and surf for fun stuff. Ask myself what I MOST want to do and learn and spend some real time absorbing it.

This will be quite difficult, I believe, because I love everything to do with textile and fiber and stitching and printing and painting and beading……………..I want more than superficial so let’s see what grabs me enough to dig deep!

Aaaaand….no pics today because I don’t know what direction I will be traveling! Wish me luck!

Exhibit Report

Last night was the opening reception for my exhibit, with Katie McGrath at the Northville Art House. I think Ryan did an excellent job of hanging the show–thanks! Our work meshes together beautifully and I believe that we did a good job of showing our love of color.

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends who came out to support us, as well as all our new art lover friends. We appreciate you! Hope you get a chance to see the show–it’s there through Jan. 26. But if not, here’s a snapshot slide show of it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the info, one last time.

Challenge 1…done!

This has been quickly finished, mostly because I knew exactly what I wanted when I started. It is the Photo Inspiration challenge from Salt Valley Arts and will be part of their fund-raising celebration.

It’s my interpretation of a beautiful space with softly moving water.

Hope it does well for them!