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Stars update

When I make a quilt top that I really like, I am much more likely to go ahead and get it quilted now. I have waaaay too many unfinished tops sitting on the shelves! Obviously, I love the thrill of designing and creating the tops more than I love the quilting part of it–at least… Continue reading Stars update

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Hmmm…maybe I need to measure.

Pictures don’t lie. My last post showed you the basic quilt design for my Stars At Night quilt. As I started to build, things went quite quickly, until I got to this center part. That was all fiddly and fussy and took a while. I ended up needing to make one more ‘house’ and then… Continue reading Hmmm…maybe I need to measure.

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Fiddly fixing

Working with improv has both plus and minus considerations. Plus–no patterns, free form cutting and piecing, no seams to match or pieces to fit until final assembly. Minus–fitting weird shapes and unique sizing together in final assembly. This is pretty much the final design of the improv scrap Stars At Night quilt. See all those… Continue reading Fiddly fixing

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And back to the strips…

Sewing, sewing, sewing strips together, without a plan is kinda boring. But it makes it easier when you do start to get a plan to have sewn sections from which to pick. I made a couple of those wonky stars to join those that fell off that shelf and now I know why I won’t… Continue reading And back to the strips…

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It fell off the shelf…

Honestly! These blocks fell off my shelf today when I was moving stuff around. I truly do not know where they came from. I know that I didn’t make them because they contain fabric that I never owned, but I am often given fiber related things. In any case, I love them and they are… Continue reading It fell off the shelf…

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Thread sketching

I have wanted to work with paper and fiber together for quite a while and keep trying different techniques. This last week I have been pushing to finish a quilt but I found a few moments to try a little thread sketching. I’ve already shown you my first attempts at making greeting cards, but here… Continue reading Thread sketching

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Easter quilting time

The thought of time for quilting at Easter would have been unthinkable just a short while ago. Now with small gatherings and the small family, Easter prep is a snap. Figure out a meal–ham couldn’t be any easier–no hiding or dyeing eggs for little children, not even a big deal with Easter baskets. Chocolate bunnies… Continue reading Easter quilting time