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And now we….

Finishing a big project can leave an energy hole in the wall of creativity…..sometimes! I usually have several projects going at the same time so I seldom have ‘nothing’ waiting, but this is one of those times. And it’s not like an artist’s block because I have plenty of ideas. It’s more like a breathing… Continue reading And now we….

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Yes, I did…

The blog badly needed an update so I did it. Didn’t really change the content, just the layout a bit. I’ve never been a big fan of an additional click on that “read more” tag on the home page, but the layout appeals to me more than what I had. It may change again now… Continue reading Yes, I did…

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Machine trapunto demo

I got a little full of myself at one of my meetings and my reward was a “put up or shut up” moment. I think machine trapunto is pretty easy so now I get to do a demo on it. I’ll show you what I’ll be showing my art group. You can certainly get more… Continue reading Machine trapunto demo

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The pictures and info in this post may be a repeat for you if you are also my FB buddy. I spent part of yesterday felting a sweater. It was one that I had knit–and re-knit–and re-knit–in an effort to make it fit well. The sleeves were humungous and I wore it a few times… Continue reading Pondering…

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Geodes again

But I’m not talking about those lovely geodes that come from the Gem and Mineral Show. One of the things we did with the kids at Blue Lake this summer was to make geodes out of wool roving. It’s pretty easy to do. You make a super jumbo stack of roving, any and all colors.… Continue reading Geodes again

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And we’re on again…

Up days and down days and today was up again! The first thing I did was decide on a binding for the little striped piece and then I added a bit of paint to it. I’ll add some stitch and beads to the yellow part and call it good! Then my brain started whispering “texture…texture…texture”… Continue reading And we’re on again…

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Too much yarn, not enough yarn!

Sheesh! You’d think I was a knitting perfectionist or something, but all I want is something to have for handwork on vacation. I have spent way too much time on the internet and looking through my books and magazines to find a sweater pattern that both fits the yarn I have available and that I… Continue reading Too much yarn, not enough yarn!

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New challenge

Creative Seasons is an art group to which I belong. The group has been in existence for 9 years and the founder of the group suggested that we make something to celebrate. Something–anything–related to the theme of 9. Nine patch, of course, is the obvious starting point. Heaven forbid that I would ever do the… Continue reading New challenge