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Slowly working

The weather has been delightful lately and I’m getting interested in my neglected flower beds again. When that happens, the sewing slows down a lot! I wanted to get a project started with my orange fabrics, but when I got them off the shelf, I found that I didn’t have much variety of color value.… Continue reading Slowly working

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For today’s experiment…

I have had this raw edge woven piece and this packet of gray dye in my piles of stuff forever. Each always waiting for the right project to come along. Baloney! They could wait forever so today is the day we are going to try out that dye. Of course none of my dye experience… Continue reading For today’s experiment…

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And it’s now black and white!

Lucky for me that black and white pretty much go with any color choices. Since I can’t get the white fabric that I had planned on using, black is the obvious choice for substitution—so that’s exactly what I did. I also realized that I still had all my compnent blocks crowded together. I spread them… Continue reading And it’s now black and white!

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SCREEEEECH! Halt. Sharp Turn!

The design of the Carpenter’s Angles quilt was finally cranking along, coming together really well. This morning I decided that I wanted to feature that large star and actually make a second one. That will be the focal point of the design. I need to decide if I want identical stars or stars with opposite… Continue reading SCREEEEECH! Halt. Sharp Turn!