Possibilities Day

All the fabric is in play today! Don’t have a project in mind, so it’s a day of looking at what’s on the shelves to see what inspires.

I wanted to start with this…I really, really did. Black, white, any of the colors within it are all possibilities.

And I’d dearly love to use up this collection.

I love all of these…not all together, of course.

And this piece of batik jumped out, wanting to be The One.

At least these are yard pieces, not fat quarters, so they are possibilities.

These are 1/2 yards, but I think I could come up with something to use both in the same piece.

A couple of larger pieces that would be good background to the right feature fabric.

Some fabrics that I had grouped together on the shelf don’t actually go that well together!

And some fabrics are either too much of a feature to blend with others, or not enough of a feature and get too blendy! Though I love each and every one of these!

And some fabrics that you haven’t used in years that you just want to be done with!

Haven’t come up with the next project, but I sure enjoyed looking through the treasures on the shelves!



Enough turquoise!

At least for a while. It didn’t take long to finish up the second turqoise quilt. The picture looks an awfully lot like the first one, doesn’t it?

It would be wrong if it didn’t! My fears were true, though, and I had miscounted and miscut. I had plenty of blocks, but they were all angled in the same direction! Eleven blocks left that I really can’t use…they can sit in the scrap box for a while.

The only real difference between the two quilts is that I used the mis-matched half blocks that I had cut also. It’s not immediately noticeable, but like twins, it makes it easy to tell them apart!

I saw a ton of ideas for more quilts during the retreat this weekend. Some were even ridiculously simple and easy and fast. I should only consider those for stashbusting, but I love Drunkard’s Path variations. I think I want to do one.

Improv curves or template curves? There is a new BIG cutting ruler out there that I might consider, but improv is my thing. What to do, what to do, what to do……………..oooo, and then I get to pick fabric! Fun times ahead for sure!

Sneaking Sewing Time

It’s not really sneaking, but simply taking advantage of every bit of free time I have!

I have always known that I was a bit spatially challenged, but this simple little pattern almost defeated me!

It’s a square, cut in half diagonally, right? In order to get it to line up in the zig-zag pattern, I thought you would make the cut and turn the block and zippity-do-dah-day-done!


The diagonals have to be cut on the opposite angles for half the blocks so that the backgrounds and prints line up the way they need to. Sometimes I just cannot see those things!

Now that I have it figured out, though, it will be easy to cut and sew the rest of those squares…………for TWO quilts!

What was I thinking? Oh, yeah–use up the stash.

It was very necessary, though, to steal a bit of time and get this set in my head. And next week I should have a couple of days with big chunks of time to get sewing!

New Stashbuster

Waiting on fabric to be washed and dried before I can quilt Deb’s text quilt, so I got fabric out to start the next one.

This is a 6′–or it might be 7′–table and I’ve laid out a few fabrics that go together!

And there were actually some fabrics that I pulled off the shelf that did not get along with these. I knew that I had a lot of turquoise related fabric, but this really floored me. And, you know, if I don’t get it out and use it, my shelves will never, ever be realistically stocked!

I have a simple pattern in mind, not improv, so I should be able to cut pieces and sew with no re-measuring or trimming. Fast, fast, fast……………………………………and then I cut.

Stacks and stacks of squares. There is no way that this will only be one quilt! Maybe matching twin quilts. But it will be whatever it takes to use up this fabric!

And I think I’m going to do something very unusual for me…get organized! Before I cut the squares, I’m going to stack and cut in pairs. I know already that there are more print squares than the solids. My norm is to just go for it and make adjustments as I need them. I’m using hand dyes and I’ve cut up all I have in this color family. Shall I dye up a bunch of yardage and figure on even more leftovers? Or shall I match up what I have and dye only what I need to finish? Common sense says the latter…looking at my shelves and seeing still more fabric that can go with a nice turquoise……..well, I guess I’ll dye up a bunch!

And as long as I’m dyeing, I can dye up a back for the text quilt. I’ll tell ya, I’m a fabric snob. I had a piece of wide width backing to use, from an estate sale, but it’s just not the highest quality so I won’t use it on a quilt for my daughter. It will be fine for wall hangings but it’s not what I want for a quilt that could get used every day. So everything is on hold for a little dye day, and this is a babysitting week for our grandson’s spring break. Guess I’ll have to slow my roll a bit!!!

I’ll say it again….so, so much fabric! I’m so happy to be using it.

And there is so much more………….

Buy more fabric?

Oh, no!!!! I have the text fabric top DONE! However, it really does need a border to contain all that action.

I really don’t want more black and white print, or solid black or white, even gray. A lime green border would put your eyeballs out.

I thought this darker green print would look pretty good.

My daughter–not so much.

This print has the right colors, but I think it’s almost as busy as the top!

I tried so many things and the right piece of fabric does not seem to live in my house. I think I may actually need to go to the store and buy the ‘just right’ piece of fabric. That does not help with the use up the stash goal, but sometimes you have to go with what’s best, even if you have to buy more fabric!

I will make the sacrifice and head to the store. Hahahahaha!

Quilt for my girl!

The next big use up the stash project is calling. That pile of black and whites isn’t getting any smaller…and I have a few more on the shelves. These are just the fat quarters. There is yardage!

I’m also being tempted by a bunch of turquoise prints

…because I have more of these colors than any other, except maybe orange! But, nooooooo….there is something that has a much higher priority!

My daughter is a big fan of fonts and text and I have long planned on making her a quilt with text fabric. I collected a fairly good number of text fabrics and had good intentions. Well, we know what road is paved with good intentions! I used some of the fabrics on a challenge piece because I had so many. Then I made a quilt with them and it didn’t turn out as I wanted and it ended up as a quilt on hubby’s chair. Then I used someĀ  for a class I took and another bit for another challenge and now, this is all I have left and my daughter still doesn’t have a text quilt!!!!

Looking at the black and white with the little bits of reds I had been using with them did not inspire me at all. I hoped Deb would have a strong preference and showed her these blue fabrics.

And some green fabrics.

Hmmmm–I love those greens so I went ahead and made the decision for both of us! And after I made a couple of plain blocks, I finally figured out how I want to make this quilt.

Primarily little strips like this with green. The green will be spread out more than this, but I’m making the parts with green first. And I remembered as I was doing improv cutting and sewing that this is a sloooooow process! Nothing quick like the strip piecing of that last big quilt. However, it’s the only way to get the result I want, so slow stitching it is!

Yes, I am currently in use up the stash mode, but I can’t get so caught up in it that I forget the more important reasons for quilts. Family always comes first and making a quilt that will make my daughter happy will be so much fun for me.

And I think it’s free ice cream day at DQ so I’ll be sure to make time for that, too! Priorities, after all!


Daily input…

Most days I’m finding are very full and busy for me. This blog writing thing helps me to process the vitals–who, what, when, where, why–and what am I forgetting?!!! When I try to do it on a daily basis, that reflective time helps keep me on track.

The little black and white quilt is ready to be quilted. It’s become a little inside joke to me, but I’ll let you in on it! Those blocks I had were pretty badly pieced and as I assembled this, I didn’t even care.

The center math angle problem went away when I remembered that my goal in all this is to use up stash, not challenge myself with impossible issues! Improv all the way, baby!

Lots of lumpy seams that could not be pressed in opposite directions and I simply sewed them down. I started to dither over too many choices for a border and then used a piece of fabric from the “What was I thinking?” pile.

All the while I was laughing because it felt like I was using garbage and coming up with a cute little product. When I was a kid, to be called a ‘garbage-picker’ was an ultimate insult. Today, I’m a recycler-upcycler and I’m laughing and happy all the way through a quilt like this.

I’m not sure I want to give this to someone for a baby quilt. Those thick seams would not be very comfortable for that sweet little body to lay on! But it will be a good table topper or cover over the baby or a cute wall hanging. And I’m smiling and laughing at whatever becomes of it, because I have used up some of my stash and it’s another project done!