Funky edges

It’s all about the fun and funky and unique! The striped chair was both fun and unique, but it’s the edging that wins for funky!

Yes, I wanted my quilting to have a sketchy look and this one came out closer to that than the first one, for sure.

And all that boring straight line quilting made it very, very easy to add lines when I added the backing.

See–can’t even tell which are original and which are added, yet necessary to hold the three layers together. That part was actually pre-planned!

But it’s the edging that I am totally in love with! Re-cycled sari yarn–I love to pick it up when I see a good color skein and I use it whenever I can.

THIS–yes, this–

I’m soooo happy with this!

But, it’s done………………what’s next? I have no idea. Isn’t that exciting? The entire world of possbilities awaits me now. Hmmmmmmm….


More happy place…

It was so much fun getting my little quilt put together and ready to quilt. I spray baste and usually like to wait a bit to let the glue set up before I quilt…also to let those nasty fumes get exhausted. That’s the major drawback to spray basting, but it’s worth it to me. Also, FYI, I always wash a spray basted quilt when it’s stitched to try and remove as much chemical as possible.

But back to the little quilt. I told you I’d show how I put on that little decorative edge you can see in this pic.

This is also the same way I finish the edge on some of my little pieces. Having a braiding or cording foot for your machine makes it magically easy. There’s a little hole in the foot that you thread cording through and it keeps things straight as you stitch.

On this one, I used two thin yarns and couched them down with a metallic thread. As you sew, it lays down a beautiful little edging! Check out the feet your machine has. There will be one that can help you lay down a nice finished edge.

I couldn’t wait to get started on the quilting. No, I don’t have a plan–I seldom do. No, I don’t mark things, unless absolutely necessary. I rely on the edges of my presser feet and seam lines for straight stitching, or painter’s tape for longer straight stretches. And free motion for me is truly free motion!

So, it’s started, but I ran out of time to get very far. Every moment working on this has put me in my very happy place. Not likely to get it finished right away over the Thanksgiving weekend, but that’s fine. Thanksgiving is family time and that will keep me in my happy place, too!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, as well.

Gotta stitch…

Administrative tasks are booooooring! Labels and sleeves and inventories—meh! So I had to do just a teeny bit of stitching. And I mean teeny!

I added a couple of rows of machine stitching and a facing. And I think I will be mounting it on this canvas. IF the paint dries to a good color.

And I took a picture of this project, which was completed long ago. It only needs to be added to the inventory.

Not a great picture, but at least it was time spent in the studio!

Friday I will be delivering items to the Grove Gallery in Lansing, for their upcoming holiday show. Hope a lot of them don’t come home!

Lots of grandson hockey and college hockey this weekend. Fun times!

Textile Inspiration

There is no work of my own to show you right now. I spent Friday and Saturday doing demos at The Quilted Tree Quilt Show, which was a lot of fun. Sold a few things, too…always a delightful bonus! The venue was a church and I was in a room that must be used as a lounge because it was full of couches and chairs, pushed back along the walls for the show.  I was opposite a triptych of textile work that fascinated me and I couldn’t stop examining it!

And before I get chastised, there was no artist attribution that I could find and no one I asked had any info, either! I’m not very good at estimating the length of a room, but this must have taken up about 15 feet of linear space. It was huge…and beautiful.

Details follow, but the entire wall was endlessly fascinating for me and the closer I looked, the more detail I found. Absolutely my favorite type of artwork! (Sorry, but I am ignorant of how to set up the pics so you can click on them to make them larger. Perhaps someone can tutor me!)

It certainly inspired me! Would love to create in this fashion someday!

Not too fussy!

When I began the stitching on this project, I thought that I would be adding lots of bits and pieces of fabric and paper and ribbons and yarn and beads to it.

And then I stitched for a while. And a while longer. And just a bit more.

And my heart stilled and my mind rested and I enjoyed the serenity of simple stitching.

The pieces always tell me what they want.

Finishing edges

Working on finishing up the edges on a few more pieces. I realized that I’ve had these leaf pieces for almost two years. Yes, I’ve been using them for examples, but it’s time for them to move on.

I did want to show and tell on the way I do these with the turned edges. I use fusible interfacing and stitch it so that the fusible is on the inside when it’s turned. That does a couple of good things.

Look closely at the edge of this piece.

You can see that when I trimmed the edge, I cut off some of the knots on the embroidery. That is not really a good thing for a textile piece! By finishing with the fusible, any loose ends are sealed within the backing and will not come loose.

The other good thing about using fusible interfacing rather than a piece of fabric is that no additional quilting is required. Of course, you can accomplish the same thing with a piece of fused fabric. Since I mount my pieces on a stretched canvas, though, the back doesn’t show, and interfacing is cheaper than fabric!

Only have a few more on the pile to get done and then I can figure out best size of canvas to use, what color to paint them and how many more I need to buy! Just looking over at what I have, I am certain that I will need some more. Hmmm….shopping in the craft store is NOT a hardship!

Need a couple by Thursday, though, so I’d better get busy!

It’s Goldilocks time

My little rust fabric squares have been done for a while and sitting in a little stack waiting for some more attention. Because of the colors in the variegated floss I used, I was pretty sure of the background colors I wanted to use, but not exactly the size and placement of the pieces.

So………….on point on a piece of red wool. Good color, red is too big.

And then we tried the medium bowl of porridge………, a smaller square of red.

Still not quite right, and I tried a smaller piece so that the edges of the cotton hung over the wool a bit more.

Aaaah–just right. The full background layer will be a single piece of deep purple wool, but I don’t have any of that right now. I was able to find a small piece to try out the color scheme and it will work very will.

My camera exposure wasn’t correct, but you can see how deep this purple is. I think this layout will work just fine and I’ll have lots of opportunity for hand stitching embellishment. This Goldilocks will live happily ever after!