Sittin’ by the lake…

That’s what I feel like when I’m looking at this piece. I think it’s done, except for the mounting!

Since it’s part of a challenge, one of the rules was to finish with raw edges, no binding. Not a problem for me, since I love those raw edges, but it was stitched without a backing, since I didn’t know how I would finish it. I believe I have it figured out, but haven’t had time to actually TRY it out. Some days there are just not enough hours!

My water and sky were large areas of the total, but I didn’t want to make them focus areas. Similar big stitching, fat threads got the job done and I’m excited to get it finished!



You never know where a little challenge in your art group will lead! I love this piece!


Lakeside work 1

My fingers are so sore…I feel that I must be doing something wrong. My threads and needles do not gliiiiide through the fabrics as I stitch like all the videos would have you think. I’m using thick threads and big needles and they do not glide at all.

I’m making progress, but, as I said, my fingers are too sore right now to even think about picking up the needle any more today. I am thinking about that paper, too. Not sure if I want to cover up the stitching I’m doing with it and don’t know if smaller pieces placed around will be as effective. Looking forward to getting to that decision point!

Space Marine Quilt

The only thing I did today was quilt AJ’s Space Marine Quilt. I have learned to wind several bobbins, usually 6, and when I have used them all up, it is time to stretch and take a break.

There were 18 bobbins wound and I only needed 15….but that took me plenty long enough, even with breaks! I did end up with a meandering star design and it covered the area fairly quickly.

Ordinarily he would be here tonight, using it! We had to adjust our schedule due to icy weather and he will be here Sunday night instead. I am so looking forward to wrapping him up in it. It’s the first big kid quilt I’ve made especially for him and I hope he enjoys it for many years…at least until he gets old enough to want a more adult theme!

And I’m ready to say that I’ve seen enough of my sewing machine for one day!

Moving again…a bit!

While my state of indecision is still in my brain, I got started on the quilting of the Space Marine quilt for my grandson. The skeleton part is all quilted.

Now I need to figure how I want to quilt the star part. I’m thinking maybe a meandering star path.

On the other projects, the copper silk won out for the ice dyed background.

One curvy strip across…

But which direction do I want it to go? And I have enough fabric to have it be unevenly spaced from the top or the bottom, so which direction do I want to go with that, also?

Here it is, all square, even and centered. I don’t think it’s asymmetrical enough for me, but I’m going to let it hang on the design wall for a bit before I do anything else to it.

Always little bits of progress at a time, but taking a bit longer to examine a few more ‘what ifs’ before I decide is not bad. That’s kind of a convoluted sentence, too, but I’m pretty sure I know what I mean! And those ‘deadlines’ I was concerned about on Monday? I’m no longer concerned, because nothing bad will happen if I don’t finish these. My only real, hard, not-to-be-missed deadline right now is finishing the quilt for the grandson. Priorities….


Done and on a detour…

Quilted, bound and in the washer–whenever I do a bed quilt, I don’t feel like I have a lot to show you. It’s often days of similar pictures since I’m working on the same pile of fabrics. But that’s part of working on larger projects!

And the quilting detail

Leftover binding, because I don’t measure. Not too much this time, and I have at least one more black, white and red quilt to make……………it will be used!

Another one done and now Keith can snuggle with a new quilt on cold days!

I was going to tackle a couple more from the UFO pile, but I got a request to make a quilt for my grandson. Well, that’s a no-brainer!

This panel was supposed to go into a Halloween quilt, but that didn’t happen.

However, AJ and his dad are into ‘space marines’ and those soldiers have skulls hanging from their armor, so it might still work! No Halloween orange and probably some gray camo and what 9 year old boy wouldn’t like it?

That’s the next project……………….but not really. I have embroidery floss that I soaked in soda ash when I did my last little fabric dyeing. I want to¬† finish the dyeing and clear my space before I start that next quilt.

And then there’s Christmas………………

When it snows…

Winter in Michigan usually has a lot of snow. Not so much last year, but we have started out pretty heavy for this year.

And it’s still snowing! How could I resist the opportunity to do a little snow dyeing? Especially since I just got a few new dyes to try out. Now snow usually gives you a softer effect than ice dyeing and the snow today was very soft and fine. Can’t wait to see how these turn out.

So what do you do while you are waiting for the snow to melt? High on the priority list was a nap…not because I needed one, but because I could! Laziness rules on cold, snowy days!

I spotted these circles on the table and thought about trying to do something with them.

They have been out before, but every time I look at them all I can think is ‘cliche’ so they went back into hiding.

So then I took the opportunity to get another quilt off the UFO pile and get it ready to quilt. I had actually forgotten that I made it…and I like it! My hubby needs a new quilt for the recliner—and his naps!–so this one is ready to quilt now.

And now the snow is melted and the fabrics are ready to rinse out–hooray!

Usually I leave them overnight, but not this time! I’m too impatient to wait tonight. Stay tuned for the results.



Absent and busy!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, but new floors apparently require more work than I thought! Busy with family stuff and routine appointments. I am looking forward to taking a class tomorrow with Paula Golden…but I don’t have my stuff gathered and ready, yet!

I have always said that I can do a demo whenever our guild needs one, and I got tapped to sub in this Saturday. Well, let’s just say that I was not really ready to immediately step in with a demo!

I’ve spent time working up a little presentation for making postcards, mostly with a Christmas theme. I think I’m ready for that! Nice little stack of finished projects and ideas for lots more to present!

Then perhaps I can get back to some artistic-feeling projects, including some dyeing that I’ve been anxious to get done!