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Faces and skulls

I love making fanciful faces in quilts and also love making those sugar skulls. I don’t make faces often because I’ve never been able to sell one. That bit of discouragement is partly what turned me to the sugar skulls. People really love those!!! Here are the 3 faces that I have available, just for… Continue reading Faces and skulls

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And it’s now black and white!

Lucky for me that black and white pretty much go with any color choices. Since I can’t get the white fabric that I had planned on using, black is the obvious choice for substitution—so that’s exactly what I did. I also realized that I still had all my compnent blocks crowded together. I spread them… Continue reading And it’s now black and white!

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First, you UN-sew…

Yep…first thing I picked up today in the studio was a component that I had sewn together incorrectly. Not a good start. And then I started re-arranging components on the design wall, and there was some more unsewing done. I thought I had things settled and ready to assemble, but I DO NOT! This was… Continue reading First, you UN-sew…

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Indecision became my friend today

Decisions are always so hard for me and I’m always bemoaning that fact. I struggle to figure out designs and working with the tool fabric was hard. I do not want it to look childish. Well, letting ideas swirl without a firm direction worked this time! Moving from the house idea to triangles set off… Continue reading Indecision became my friend today

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Dancing with the projects

No huge progress has been made on any of the projects I’m working on. I’m kind of rotating through, doing a bit here and a bit there. I’m under no pressure to finish anything and this week is my least busy of the summer….so lazy it is!!! I start every morning checking on my plants… Continue reading Dancing with the projects

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Here we go again

It’s distraction time…but I never feel like it’s a distraction. I was determined to select another watercolor painting to combine with fabric and continue my experiments in that direction. I have also settled on my gear dye prints for a handwork project. It should be full speed ahead with the painting. Well….I’m a daily reader… Continue reading Here we go again

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It’s never a disaster…

I don’t dye my fabrics using precise recipes and strict formulas. Unexpected surprises are the norm. However, my last dye day left me a bit…let’s say disappointed. I had quite a bit of white fabric that I was printing with thickened dye. When I have done this before, the colors stayed where placed and the… Continue reading It’s never a disaster…

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Process–step by step

For some reason, this piece is flowing together quickly and easily. I am not hesitating over my decisions–and THAT is absolutely out of the norm! Painted paper with torn pieces to start, with some straight stitching Since I had originally envisioned this as a weaving, I wanted to incorporate a textile in a weaving referenced… Continue reading Process–step by step