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Stars update

When I make a quilt top that I really like, I am much more likely to go ahead and get it quilted now. I have waaaay too many unfinished tops sitting on the shelves! Obviously, I love the thrill of designing and creating the tops more than I love the quilting part of it–at least… Continue reading Stars update

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Fiddly fixing

Working with improv has both plus and minus considerations. Plus–no patterns, free form cutting and piecing, no seams to match or pieces to fit until final assembly. Minus–fitting weird shapes and unique sizing together in final assembly. This is pretty much the final design of the improv scrap Stars At Night quilt. See all those… Continue reading Fiddly fixing

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Red Tree…done!

It’s been quite a journey on this one, for sure. The edge finish being red wasn’t really in question! It was only a matter of which technique. I’ve done raw edges with cording before and sometimes it takes more stitching than I want to do. And I don’t really like raw edge techniques without fancy… Continue reading Red Tree…done!

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My refrain–fast, easy, fun

I am very much into using up the stash, but if the project isn’t fast, easy and fun, it just won’t get finished. Guess that’s why I keep making this pattern, over and over. It really uses my fat quarters quite efficiently. Even with the oddball leftovers that I had, I ended up with stacks… Continue reading My refrain–fast, easy, fun

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Wrapping it up…already!

There is nothing like getting a whole quilt top done in a weekend! Usually I have to go to a quilt retreat to have that happen but this Magic Star pattern is so quick! The blocks went up on the design wall as I made them. It takes 4 blocks before the star pattern shows… Continue reading Wrapping it up…already!

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Different puzzles!

Normally at this time of year, I’m deep into solving jigsaw puzzles. But doing them with family is part of the Christmas tradition and that’s not happening in 2020. So I went on a quilting puzzle adventure instead. I’m not done yet, but I’ll bring you along to where I’m at right now. I decided… Continue reading Different puzzles!

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It’s the Christmas season

And almost everything that is done at this time is about Christmas. This household is no exception. We went shopping yesterday, but we don’t have much of a list. Everyone is a bit behind in figuring out what they want or need. Of course, hubby’s philosophy is that you will buy what you need anyway,… Continue reading It’s the Christmas season

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Paper and more paper

My last project with paper turned out so well that I am emboldened (isn’t that a great word?) to attempt another paper-based piece. I am barely in to the idea stage of my planning, but I thought I’d bring you along. Maybe by seeing the long and curvy road my planning brain takes you will… Continue reading Paper and more paper