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It’s all in the process

And when I’m making something, the process can change in an instant. The pieces grow and tell me what they need as we go along. The last piece I tried told me to stop and double think my choices before I went any further. I listened and moved on to this idea. I wanted something… Continue reading It’s all in the process

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Puzzling along…

Art Walk is this Friday and I will be set up at Paper Street Soap with my cards and some smaller pieces of my art. I have a few that have never been out of my studio before. Wooo hooo–new stuff! Part of the deal is that you are supposed to demo your art but… Continue reading Puzzling along…

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I love solutions!

My latest magic star was stalled a little bit. I had originally thought that the magic of random would work once again for the block placement. I had all white and black prints paired with a gorgeous dawn sky batik. Everything should go with everything, right? My original placement of blocks on the design wall… Continue reading I love solutions!

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Fiddly fixing

Working with improv has both plus and minus considerations. Plus–no patterns, free form cutting and piecing, no seams to match or pieces to fit until final assembly. Minus–fitting weird shapes and unique sizing together in final assembly. This is pretty much the final design of the improv scrap Stars At Night quilt. See all those… Continue reading Fiddly fixing

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And back to the strips…

Sewing, sewing, sewing strips together, without a plan is kinda boring. But it makes it easier when you do start to get a plan to have sewn sections from which to pick. I made a couple of those wonky stars to join those that fell off that shelf and now I know why I won’t… Continue reading And back to the strips…

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It fell off the shelf…

Honestly! These blocks fell off my shelf today when I was moving stuff around. I truly do not know where they came from. I know that I didn’t make them because they contain fabric that I never owned, but I am often given fiber related things. In any case, I love them and they are… Continue reading It fell off the shelf…

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Red Tree…done!

It’s been quite a journey on this one, for sure. The edge finish being red wasn’t really in question! It was only a matter of which technique. I’ve done raw edges with cording before and sometimes it takes more stitching than I want to do. And I don’t really like raw edge techniques without fancy… Continue reading Red Tree…done!

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Why not thread painting?

I pretty much decided on a layout for my Red Tree project. Large red tree on the right and three small trees on the left. Got everything traced up, with 6 different fabrics, because remember–I wanted to use them ALL! And, at that point, I wasn’t sure what my layout would be. Then I started… Continue reading Why not thread painting?