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Glimpse a scrap…

My studio was calling my name today and I went down with the intention of making some string scrap flowers. I had a couple of methods that I wanted to try out so I cleared the table of extras and that’s when it happened! I put fabric on one shelf and a glimpse of bright… Continue reading Glimpse a scrap…

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Hockey goose

Since my grandson is playing for a new team with different colors this year, I thought I would make a new hockey quilt. Nothing wrong with the old one and it doesn’t have team specific colors…I just want a new one with his team colors. And no hockey players on my fabric this time either!… Continue reading Hockey goose

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Banishing squirrels…

You know…those squirrels of distraction that go running by, trying to draw you away from what you started out to do. I definitely had a few running around today, but I refused to follow them! I was sorting through some scraps to give away–yes, I did promise to do that. I ran across these leftover… Continue reading Banishing squirrels…

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Another scrappy adventure

If you are friends with me on Instagram and Facebook, then you already know this story, but here’s the whole tale in one post! This pile of scraps needed to become a quilt. As I normally do, I started with smaller pieces and put them together until I got some decent sized blocks. I even… Continue reading Another scrappy adventure

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Quilt crowding

Design principles have become principles for a very good reason–they work! And sometimes when we are working on an actual project, we get so close to the work that we forget the big picture. My project with the tool fabric was just whizzing along, pieces flying off the cutting table and on to the design… Continue reading Quilt crowding

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And it fell off the shelf…

As I was moving and looking for something in the stash–I don’t even remember what–the pieces of an old pattern writing sample fell down. All the parts and extra fabrics were there, so I thought I might as well put it together and have one more bit of ‘extra junk’ off the shelves. AND I… Continue reading And it fell off the shelf…

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Here we go again

It’s distraction time…but I never feel like it’s a distraction. I was determined to select another watercolor painting to combine with fabric and continue my experiments in that direction. I have also settled on my gear dye prints for a handwork project. It should be full speed ahead with the painting. Well….I’m a daily reader… Continue reading Here we go again

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Changing gears, again!

Most likely I will be switching gears between watercolor/fabric experiments and what I call MY ‘traditional’ improv art quilts. And this beauty from dye day is calling my name…and sparking all the ‘gear’ thoughts! Seriously looking for your opinions on this one because I left the studio totally undecided. Here are the options I’m considering.… Continue reading Changing gears, again!