The dreaded choices

Yes, dreaded choices! I am so very bad at making decisions. I see too many possibilities when I start pulling out fabrics and cannot settle easily on only one.

I have some hand dyed fabric that I intend to leave uncut and want to finish with a small border to set it off. HA! Choosing that border fabric has been almost impossible for me.

I did start by eliminating the idea of commercial fabric, though I did look over the stash. I pulled out a stack of other hand dyes from which to choose.

Tried almost everything…

Settled on yellow-green, which shows up as very, very yellow in my photos!

Limey green with a second light blue border?

Or limey green with a second multi-colored border?

Or a slightly bluer green with a blue square and no second border?

I’m pretty good at knowing when something is right, but none of these jumped up and said that they were perfect. I went back to commercial fabric and really like this more olive grunge fabric.

Not screaming ‘perfect’ but better than the others. I’ll let them all hang around for a few more days before I decide, but I’ve been in this spot with this piece before and have yet to make a final decision. I think I’ll have to force the issue this time because I want to work on this fabric!

And, as I recall, done is better than perfect!


One done and movin’ on!

The hockey quilt is totally done! Hooray! Complete with this little label…

I’m not totally sure what I will be moving on to, but getting ready for camp is one thing on the agenda. And let it be known, I absolutely HATE shortening pants.

At least I have a pile of fun stuff to sort and fold.

All this stuff was given to me and I’m not totally sure what all is here…but I knew it was going to camp with me. The kids will love using this stuff, and I will encourage it rather than anything without some fancy embellishment!

I’m never without ideas, but right now I really want something long term and hand-stitched. Looking forward to peruse the piles of stuff in the studio and having inspiration jump out at me. That’s how I work the best!

Which direction to go?

Once there was a little stack of fabric that made it’s way upstairs to my table. I started putting little bits and pieces together and overlaying with gingko images. I liked where this was taking me and thought I would continue making the gingko images for quite a while.

Then this piece jumped into the series and it’s quite a bit different.

Really no place for a gingko here.

And the next pieces don’t seem to need a gingko image either.

The one on the left is only basted, but I don’t see anywhere for the gingko. So maybe the gingko series is done and I’m moving in another direction.

Maybe not, since I’m working with the same set of little fabric scraps and hand dyed squares…can’t wait to see what these little scraps direct me to do next!

Nothing planned…

Originally this was a week with nothing planned. It’s summer and we have our grandson on Tuesdays and Fridays so if we make a plan it revolves around that. We ended up with lunch with friends, car service appointments, and other necessary trips that kept us out of the house and me out of my sewing room! Can’t get too far on the huge pile of scraps that way!

The ONLY thing I stitched on this week was this little gingko.

I have so many bits and pieces of beautiful fabric and it’s a pleasure to re-visit them with these small studies. Not sure how they will be finished, but I’m leaning towards keeping groups together and mounting them to wool. I’m really enamored of the fringed edges of my other wool mounts.

And I have plenty of wool to play with!

Small bits of time…small pieces…maybe next week, with nothing planned again, I can get back to sewing up the big pile of scraps!


Do you ever make your own roadblocks? I found myself doing that whenever I started thinking about all that bright fabric to use up. It was mostly leftovers from baby quilts and my mind kept thinking it had to stay as baby quilts—and there is enough fabric for at least 6 quilts that size!

And then I looked online for ideas and most of the advice started with “Decide what size you want your blocks to be…” I don’t necessarily create from blocks, but I got hung up on that phrase. Also advice to sew small pieces together and then keep adding to them. Not too conducive to using up those large chunks of fabric piled up on the table.

Finally, my brain kicked into my normal creative mode and I got started on the sewing. I make things from a stack/slash/sew method, not sew tiny to get bigger method! Easy then, to stack fabric and make some quick wonky strip sets.

I gave myself some ‘rules’ to follow on this project also. All cuts will be straight–yeah, wonky angles are fine, but no curvy piecing. No more than one piece of black in each set. And nothing…NOTHING…will be going back into the container this stuff came out of!

This part went super fast and I ended up with quite a large pile of strip sets, ready to go!

Then I started the slow, boring sewing of the small pieces. I made quite a bit of progress, but still have so far to go!

I had really hoped that I’d get much further than I did, but this type of sewing takes forever! You not only need to sew the small pieces together, but each pair needs to be pressed and trimmed to a straight edge before you can go on to the next step. On the other hand, it’s these pieces built from small to large that give so much charm to a scrap quilt!

My entire day was spent working on this and I’m not nearly ready to start putting pieces on the design wall for assembly decisions. As I sorted through and worked on the fabrics, though, there were some chunks that said ‘block size’ to me.

I may turn to a block style assembly and start with these. Maybe not all the same size, but square them up and use them ‘as is’ for even more variety.

Soooooo much more to do before I can make real design decisions, but at least I got over the roadblocks I set up for myself. Lots of fabric spread over the tables yet, and that is both a roadblock and an incentive. Can’t do anything else until this is out of the way, but the best way to get it out of the way is to get it sewn up!

Overwhelmed and almost defeated!

Yes, I am declaring myself officially scrap overwhelmed! I keep my scraps in baskets, roughly sorted into warm, cool and neutrals. Then there was the huge plastic tub of kinda sorted scraps that I told myself I was done with…and then kept throwing in project leftovers without any sorting. I kept tripping over that one so I figured I could get it sorted and cut into some strips and sewn up and truly done with! Hahahahaha!

This is sort of what it looked like when I started, but it’s actually another whole pile of fabric to be sorted that I used to use when I gave a talk.

After pressing a few things, I remembered that the box contained mainly bright fabrics that I had used in one way or another for baby quilts and I was tired of them. Here’s the stack of quite small pieces–enough for a baby quilt here by itself!

And the pile of larger pieces, all nicely pressed! Probably 2-3 baby quilts here.

A pile of all orange……….

And bright and black that I thought I might start each block with….

except now I have no idea what kind of block to make! My original idea was a log cabin kind with logs added only on two sides. Large and fast, probably but not good for using up those smaller pieces….which have lots of matching parts with the larger pieces. Sigh…………….obviously I need to do a little research and planning before I simply start cutting. I’m not likely to want everything all one size, even if my scrap sizes agreed with that idea. Ideally it would all go into one large quilt, since it all goes together.

And I thought using up my stash was hard with fat quarter and larger pieces….HA again! These smaller pieces are trouble and I can’t seem to bring myself to pitch it all or chop it up into dog bed stuffing or inflict it on someone else to figure out a solution.

Yep, overwhelmed and walked away for today. Cogitation needed! And maybe a glass of wine…………………………………………….sigh!

Ready to quilt!

The hockey quilt top is done! Hooray!

And it went from being too small to wrap around a body to full bed size! I don’t know how that happened, but apparently that’s the size it needed to be.

This is all the scrap left of that blue, so I’m very, very happy about that.

I hate piecing quilt backs, but this other hunk of hockey fabric

and the scraps will be finding a home on the back of this one!

Finally, the hockey fabric that I have saved for years will be used and gone! It’s great that AJ is playing hockey so that I had motivation to finally use it!

Use Up the Stash, baby! Woooo–hooooooo!