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Cool and funky or flaky?

My dragonfly experience at the adult daycare got me totally inspired and ready to create. I had a small background piece ready to go……so I got going. I added lots of ribbon, yarn and thread and came up with this for my basic background. Not quite enough, so when I got back to it today,… Continue reading Cool and funky or flaky?

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Bits and pieces, again!

Because I almost always have several projects going on at the same time, the finishing parts get done at different times also. I finished up the last of the leaf pieces, label, sleeve and all! These 2 quilts were made a little while ago, to use up scraps. Almost immediately, I found out that my… Continue reading Bits and pieces, again!

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Dancing with the projects

No huge progress has been made on any of the projects I’m working on. I’m kind of rotating through, doing a bit here and a bit there. I’m under no pressure to finish anything and this week is my least busy of the summer….so lazy it is!!! I start every morning checking on my plants… Continue reading Dancing with the projects

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Thoroughly black and white

It was suggested that I leave my piece strictly black and white and not add all the color that I first thought I would. And I am taking that suggestion, knowing that color can always be added if need be. The first stitching was on the machine, to stabilize and to mark out some of… Continue reading Thoroughly black and white

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Snowman time!

The idea of turning children’s drawings into little stuffies has always appealed to me and when I had the opportunity to be a part of the local school’s project—-well, there is no way I could say no to that!!! Kindergarten students made snowman drawings and we get to turn them into real items! These are… Continue reading Snowman time!