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Collaborative Art

When the information for this project floated across my screen, I was interested but skeptical. It’s a call for artists to collaborate in an Alzheimer’s fundraiser. The parameters are incredibly open-ended and I like to make contributions for Alzheimer’s research whenever I can. I don’t typically make/donate art for causes or “exposure” anymore, but this… Continue reading Collaborative Art

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Rush to finish

For some reason, I felt pressure to hurry and finish the little pass-around piece I started at our KEQ meeting. That’s strange, because sometimes I just do the exercise of the day and never look at the piece again. Let’s see…we met on Thursday. By the end of Saturday I had this much done. I… Continue reading Rush to finish

Art Quilts · Learning New Things! · Non-traditional Quilts

Learn to turn

Our project at our last KEQ meeting was to bring a small started piece that we would then pass around. Each person would add something of their choice to each piece as it was passed. We had done this before, with each piece being passed with a set of embellishments selected by the owner to… Continue reading Learn to turn

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It’s never a disaster…

I don’t dye my fabrics using precise recipes and strict formulas. Unexpected surprises are the norm. However, my last dye day left me a bit…let’s say disappointed. I had quite a bit of white fabric that I was printing with thickened dye. When I have done this before, the colors stayed where placed and the… Continue reading It’s never a disaster…

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Tiny decision steps

It was more a matter of time than inclination, but have not worked much on my new design. I had a simple objective for my next step…I wanted the piece small enough to fit easily on a 20×24 canvas, because I have one here in stock! AND I wanted to retain the thread and yarn… Continue reading Tiny decision steps

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Love it or ruin it…

That’s the stage of art making that I’m at right now. Whatever my next step on this piece turns out to be, I truly think it will turn out to be the definitive move. So of course I’m procrastinating. My first thought was to place the whole piece on a background fabric, which would also… Continue reading Love it or ruin it…

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Process–step by step

For some reason, this piece is flowing together quickly and easily. I am not hesitating over my decisions–and THAT is absolutely out of the norm! Painted paper with torn pieces to start, with some straight stitching Since I had originally envisioned this as a weaving, I wanted to incorporate a textile in a weaving referenced… Continue reading Process–step by step

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Old idea, new start

I had an idea about 12 years ago, when I was still painting. This was the start of it and then I wrote a book, we moved, we retired, we had a grandson, we did travel-teaching and this resided in the ‘under-the-table’ repository for all that time. Paper doesn’t ask for much while it’s waiting,… Continue reading Old idea, new start

Art Quilts · Designing Quilts · Learning New Things! · Non-traditional Quilts · surface design

Painting review

Finally took everything out from under the table to see what I had in the watercolor archives. What did NOT happen is a better system for storage, but at least I looked at it all and know what’s there. I also did NOT end up throwing much away. All the stuff that I no longer… Continue reading Painting review