It’s a total no-decision day!

Soooooooo many things I could, and probably should be doing. There simply is no motivation for me to do any of them. I’m at a total laziness point…er, should I call that a crossroads, or a contemplative moment or a re-charge day? Those all sound better than being lazy and not making a decision about any single thing.

I am happy to report, though, that Harvest Moons is bound, sleeved and labeled and will be presented for consideration in our January exhibit at the Northville Art House.

A quick snapshot–didn’t even get it straight!

What all do I need to do today? Laundry…yeah, it can sit there. We have enough clean clothes for a few more days! Get hubby’s Christmas present? That’s a winner, since it only involves sending off a check! Back up the computer? Sure, doing it as I type this because it takes no effort whatsoever. Cooking? Nope. Hubby went out to lunch and is bringing back dinner, and any day I don’t have to cook is a good day. Finding out what everyone else wants for Christmas? It needs to be done and I think we’re going shopping tomorrow–in real stores, not online. Maybe I need to rest up for that. Whew! That’s enough real work for one day. Now back to ‘contemplation’!

What projects am I contemplating? Well, there are those 3 scrap quilts ready and waiting to be stitched.

Or I could start something totally new…nah…not happening!

Remember the fabric made with the water soluble stabilizer?

That’s been kicking around the top of the cutting table for months now, with one lonely little leaf stitched into it.

I could do more of that. Makes lots of leaves and/or flowers. It’s a big piece of fabric. But it really is easier to use this type of fabric if you have a specific project in mind, and right now I don’t.

Speaking of leaves, I preserved a bunch this year to use for printing and haven’t done any of that yet. Maybe I should get out the paints and play with these.

Or not.

I have a piece called The Moon is Sleeping that I made several years ago. It has always felt unfinished to me. Even though it has a lot of foo-foo on it, I’m pretty sure it needs MORE!

When I talk about color, I always talk about contrast, and there is not enough in this piece to really make the tree stand out from the background. It might win out on the what-to-do scale because it’s a picky, fiddly little process to add more to it and might fit the slow mood I’m in.

And then there are word games to play on the computer and the phone. Hmmmm…I think that and reading a book are going to be the winners today. Then I can keep thinking of things to do (and NOT to do) in the background and pretend that I’m coming up with a plan of action!

Let’s see…that computer back up is about done and my book is within reach……….quiet time is here.



Another busy week

Seems as though there is a lot to do every single day lately. Makes me wonder sometimes how I ever had time to go to work. One of the items on my calendar this week was to fill in for a speaker at the library who had to cancel. I never have a problem talking about quilts, so of course I said I could. I took this stack of quilts with me,

plus a few more. Had a weird experience, though, when I got light-headed and had to sit for a bit in the middle of my talk. Never had that happen to me before except one time when I gave blood and drank coffee. Since I had given blood this week, I immediately linked the two, along with a flu shot and a cold. Drink lots of fluid, they said, and I think I didn’t! I will listen and do the right thing from now on, I promise.

I’m not getting much sewing done, and it doesn’t look like it will be moving too quickly for the next few days either. We have 2 grandson hockey games this weekend as well as two college hockey games. What I have going is slow, slow, slow……………….s-l-o-w filling in an area with French knots.

It doesn’t look very large in the picture but it’s about 6 x 8. Ordinarily I would fill some of it with beads–and I may, yet–but this piece really doesn’t call for beads. We shall see, after I get a few more knots in it.

So, off we go to hockey and more hockey! Glad I love the sport.


While my life is truly never in a routine rut, I do love having a general pattern in which to fit my adventures. The last several months have been very much out of routine…short trips, new art, show prep, some teaching, bursts of sewing and making and periods of no-sew-boredom.

My yearly Artisan Showcase is over. I don’t have trips or teaching to do in the near future. It’s hockey season and the holidays are approaching and the quiet of winter is in the chill of the air.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically since I retired and I love it. My daily routine starts with exercise, which was unheard of a couple of years ago. That routine continues with simple choices–errands, sew/make, or get in the car and go somewhere fun. Family is entwined in everything I do. Simplicity. And I embrace it.

So happy to get back to it for a while.

OPA–Other People’s Art

Twice in the same month–unheard of for me! I have totally fallen in love with art by Other People, and PURCHASED it!

Usually all I have to do is think of all my own art, unhung and in a pile in the studio and that deters me from making a purchase of beautiful art. Of course, that means I am not supporting my fellow artists, but that’s an issue of economics, not an issue of the heart.

Sometimes those issues of the heart speak louder than you can resist. Today was one of those days.

I took art into Grove Gallery for their holiday sale and walked out owning this piece by Barbara Hranilovich . Had to have it.

Hope I make enough at my own Artisan Showcase next week to cover those economic issues I mentioned, too! Sigh…I love art…

Happy hiking!

Mostly pictures today. We went on a hike to see some waterfalls. The “road” to the trail head was very rough and part of it included fording a small stream–which I did not get a picture of, since I was bouncing around a little bit!

The trail was narrow and steep, starting out going way, way down and then up, up, up! We were so disappointed that the bridge was out at the main stream. There were not enough sticks laying down in the water to make me brave enough to cross it. If it had been warmer though, I probably would have taken off my shoes and waded!

Saw lots of trees down in the forest, of course, and the mushroom growths are so very beautiful.

The most fascinating thing to me, though, was the root system that held the trees firmly to side of the mountain.

And this single tree system continued

…and continued

…and continued.

It was absolutely amazing to see this clinging to bedrock, supporting the tree and a major section of the trail as well.

And since we didn’t get to the waterfalls, we did the tourist thing at an old mill creek and dam.

I REALLY love big old rocks!

We finished our outing with a big ol’ juicy burger and were quite happy to get back for an afternoon nap.

What a great day!

I guess I liked this spot the best…several pictures! Hahaha!

A festival of…fiddly bits!

Of course, I spend a lot of time watching paint dry when I’m mounting work on canvas!

But I’m pretty happy when it finally dries and I get that piece mounted!

Today I thought I might do some more pieces with this type of string background, but I couldn’t make myself work with those strings. I decided to look through my unloved, previously quilted pieces and maybe cut them up for coasters. Thankfully I don’t have too many of those, but the first one I came across is not going to end as coasters!

It was pretty unattractive as a whole piece but when I cut it into smaller chunks—well, it will do! Two larger and two smaller pieces that look so much better in tiny doses!

And then there’s this–

big, very bright, in your face red and stripes. Don’t have a solution yet, but I’m pretty sure there are some coasters coming out of this!

And there is always more quilting to be done. In fact, I thought this piece would be finished with some straight lines in an afternoon. But noooooo–it needs much more stitching than I originally thought.

It really does. So it will take quite a bit longer, but I simply cannot be satisfied with it as it is here. Yep–quilted to death on this one.

All of this is in an effort to organize myself for three–yes, three–upcoming shows! And some of my stuff is out at yet another show now. Usually the shows are one at a time and what doesn’t go in one will go in the next. This time though, there are applications and photos, so some items have to be reserved for each show. I know this is normal for most artists who regularly enter shows, but I haven’t done this many at once before. Lots of fiddly bits to work out and forcing myself to finish all the way–including labels, sleeves, hardware, photos, and inventory sheets!

Not creative, maybe, but necessary.

Busyness abounds…

Have not spent any time in the studio this week! Grandson and friend here Tuesday, so I got to watch the race cars racing and the nerf guns shooting and listen to their lovely laughter.

Got some new shoes, though. Aren’t these perfect for a quilter?

Wednesday was lunch with friends, drive to Grand Rapids and dinner with other friends. A totally wonderful day.

Thursday–AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids and that is always a delight. Hubby went to the Gerald Ford museum right across the river and he had a good time, too!

Got to check out my friends working on an Art Prize neighborhood project…really cool! All four sides of the building will have a mural in this style.

Home again and an extra baby-sitting night with the grandson. BONUS! And then our regular summer Friday with him. Loved that he climbed high up in a tree…look at that smile!!

High enough to make me nervous, but also made me remember how much I loved to climb trees, too.

Maybe sewing time on Sunday, or maybe one more lazy day!