So little, so much

I’m not doing my usual bunch of  projects, scattered all over the house. I have gotten a bit into doing one project from start to finish and it’s been nice. But my sewing machine breakdown interrupted the flow of one project so I started in on the quilting of the orange circle quilt, including the dreaded piecing of the back! I’ve stuck with it, even though quilting a large quilt start to finish is usually quite boring!

All I have left is about half the border and the binding.

I really wanted to start in on a possible seascape abstract, but really didn’t want to change the set up on my machine from quilting to piecing…which is not a major thing, but if I changed away from the quilting I might have procrastinated and put it away for a while. So I pulled fabrics and have an idea of what I want to do.

And I went through my boxes of buttons and beads and even my mom’s old sewing case searching for something unusual to put on the project that is waiting!

I found these two pincushions in mom’s sewing things–numbers 3 & 4 that I have ended up with from her house! As I said on FB and IG, I cannot remember the last time I actually saw her sewing, but with all those pincushions, she was always prepared!

I even found the darning egg that I remembered from my childhood–not using it, but in with the sewing things! All in all, there were a surprising number of choices for embellishing the text project. Can’t use them ALL, but I’ll bet I can use quite a few without overdoing it.

I’m leaning heavily towards one of the necklaces rather than any kind of eclectic mix. But I need to finish the couching before I decide.

I’ve been wanting to make some different samples before the next couple of classes I’m teaching also. My style has changed and I think it would be fun to do what I do in other colorways and pare things down to the essentials. Improv is not as unknown as it was 10 years ago, so I can throw in a bit more on the assembly and design side! Fun!

Bright spot of the week (pun intended!) was getting the old kitchen light replaced with an LED one, and the difference is amazing! Lucky that I have a wonderful son that can do that for us, since I don’t know how and the hubby has shoulder and knee issues that prevent climbing the ladder and working overhead. It’s actually light when the switch is flipped. Wonderful improvement.

Sooooo….not doing much, but keeping busy. Should be up and running with the repaired machine by this time tomorrow but I am resolved to finish the orange quilt FIRST. It’s so close to done, I cannot put it aside now!

Rarin’ to go!


Thoughts from a sleepless night…

Whenever I have a hard time going to sleep, I try to think and plan about unfinished projects or ideas for things I’d like to create. Sometimes I’ll wake up during the night and do the same thing, rather than turn on a light and read myself back to sleep. It often leads to solutions for design problems.

Last night was very wakeful and lots of thinking went on.

I figured out two different ways to continue working on this piece that has been put away for quite a while.

And I’m pretty sure I know what to do with some lovely silk charmeuse with which I was gifted.

These great text prints are going to work well with some gelli print experiments.

There are a couple of quilts that I should take off the unfinished pile and get busy quilting. Especially this one.

There are several new ideas for using these dark circles, too.

And did I write ANY of these ideas down? Wake up enough to make sketches? Absolutely not! My sleepless ideas sometimes stick with me and sometimes they don’t. They are mostly a way to help me fall back to sleep and surprisingly, many of them do stay with me. I’m hoping this blog post will help me out with that, too, if only as a memory note for the future!

Sleepless nights are not always worthless nights……..



Art Group Challenge

My imagination is not in high gear but a quick little challenge piece was fun to play with today. The challenge was to open a non-quilting magazine to page 20 and use something from that page as inspiration. Could be a picture, a word, a color, a concept—and I took the easy way out and went with the shapes.

The magazine was an Architectural Digest that was in a doctor’s office waiting room. No need to hijack the magazine. I snapped a pic of the page and I was ready to roll!

I was taken by the lines and shapes and shadows of the picture on the left and my interpretation was very literal. But it definitely represents what inspired me, so I’m happy with it.

And I played with fabric all afternoon, so that made me happy, also! Always a good day when it’s playtime in the studio.

Nothing doing….

Haven’t been doing anything productive for several days, so I really don’t have a thing to show you!

Did some driveway hockey over the weekend, as well as a real grandson game.

And spent time doing this

while the car was getting serviced and then some more of the same when I got home!

This is not a week that I am feeling motivated to get a lot done. I have my guild workshops and meeting this weekend so I am prepping for that. However, this morning’s weather is telling us there will be a snowstorm this weekend! Sheesh! No snow for the whole winter so far and it has to come THIS weekend. Yuck!

Well, we shall see what happens. In the meantime, I have to go out to lunch with friends and attend a couple of evening meetings and mostly be lazy. I may even squeeze in a nap or two. I’ll work hard next week………..


‘Self-directed workshop’

‘Self-directed workshop’ is a term I saw posted by someone on FB today. It’s a wonderful description of a great way to work. See something you like, get intrigued by something you have never done, remember something that you started and would like to re-visit…There are so many paths to explore and I’m certainly in the mood to grab onto something and study it in depth.

I keep saying that I want to get away from commercial fabrics and use only fabric that I have ‘created’ in some way. However, that means more than just skimming the surface of some technique and thinking that I know it.

Today is going to be an assessment day. I’m giving myself permission to hang out on the internet and surf for fun stuff. Ask myself what I MOST want to do and learn and spend some real time absorbing it.

This will be quite difficult, I believe, because I love everything to do with textile and fiber and stitching and printing and painting and beading……………..I want more than superficial so let’s see what grabs me enough to dig deep!

Aaaaand….no pics today because I don’t know what direction I will be traveling! Wish me luck!

Inspired by others

Card making with fabric is nothing new. Many people make Artist Trading Cards and fabric postcards. Christmas cards are a great way to use up bits of seasonal fabrics. One of my friends has been adding bits and pieces of fabric construction to standard blanks with stitching and they are beautiful. All of these projects have inspired me to use my small bits and pieces, odd sizes and all, as business cards at special events.

Aaaaaand, the scrap baskets have exploded again!

I have used up all the blanks of heavy interfacing that I had pre-cut and the pile of cards has grown! Time to pause and get them painted.

This looks like a fairly good sized pile, but by the time I was done, it had grown to cover much more of the table top!

Next step is to screen on the card info. The backs of the fabric cards are various fabrics, so I will have to be efficient when using paint and sort them into lights and darks and appropriate paint colors. Not much point in doing them if the paint/info isn’t going to show up! If that doesn’t work on any particular card, I guess I can stitch one of my regular business cards to it, but that doesn’t really appeal to me.

And while I have the paint out, I may try to experiment a bit with those recycled refrigerator magnets I mentioned.

I grabbed a few and gave them a first coat of gesso.

Obviously if they are going to be good backgrounds or show at all, they will need more. I decided to try to add some fabric like the cards I’ve been working on. Not sure of what would adhere the best, I started with gel medium.

Nope—didn’t stick worth a darn and I hated the finish it left. Some people swear by it and use it extensively, but I’ve never had good luck with it. There are other products to try.

I have mentally eliminated fusible, since I would be ironing onto plastic covered magnets! I might try sewing, but I’m not confident that the magnets would maintain enough contact with the surface to function as magnets!

Experiments will continue, but this may be a paint/stamp/stencil project with no fabric texture at all. And that may make me decide not to pursue it at this point!

Should be another New Year’s Eve trying hard to stay awake until midnight. Nice and quiet–just the way I like it!

Towards my dream journey……

I do want to create more thoughtful work this year. But I have some work to do before I can get to ‘work’!

Challenge 1: Commission work for dear friends

Challenge 2: Knot Even Quilters group art quilt challenge for upcoming show–Text and Texture

Challenge 3: Salt Valley Arts challenge Inspiration from Photo fund raiser

Challenge 4: Teach 2 classes and take 2 classes, covering each weekend in January

Looks like January will be my wrap up 2018 month and 2019 resolutions and projects will start in February.

Bet I’ll start a project or two before then…I’m not that strict OR organized in what I do. I feel lucky to have just figured out a direction in which to travel for the coming year!