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Sometimes fast is good!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I dither and dither and procrastinate on decisions ALL.THE.TIME! And then a project comes along that falls into place so fast my head spins! That’s this one, which I believe was orginally a try at improv New York Beauty. I had them finished… Continue reading Sometimes fast is good!

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Glimpse a scrap…

My studio was calling my name today and I went down with the intention of making some string scrap flowers. I had a couple of methods that I wanted to try out so I cleared the table of extras and that’s when it happened! I put fabric on one shelf and a glimpse of bright… Continue reading Glimpse a scrap…

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Rush to finish

For some reason, I felt pressure to hurry and finish the little pass-around piece I started at our KEQ meeting. That’s strange, because sometimes I just do the exercise of the day and never look at the piece again. Let’s see…we met on Thursday. By the end of Saturday I had this much done. I… Continue reading Rush to finish

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Learn to turn

Our project at our last KEQ meeting was to bring a small started piece that we would then pass around. Each person would add something of their choice to each piece as it was passed. We had done this before, with each piece being passed with a set of embellishments selected by the owner to… Continue reading Learn to turn

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What to do with leaves…

Still working on several things at once, but some are getting close to done. I have a set of sugar skulls ready to mount and get wired. A couple more still to work on, but I think I need a break from them. I got the lawn (weeds!) mowed and took a few moments to… Continue reading What to do with leaves…

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Be my brain…….

It’s that old ‘too many choices’ situation again and I’m having a hard time deciding! I had 3 extra leafy type blocks left from my other projects and rather than put them on the shelf for a ‘someday’ finish, I’m going to finish them into something and be done with them. I took two of… Continue reading Be my brain…….

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Faces and skulls

I love making fanciful faces in quilts and also love making those sugar skulls. I don’t make faces often because I’ve never been able to sell one. That bit of discouragement is partly what turned me to the sugar skulls. People really love those!!! Here are the 3 faces that I have available, just for… Continue reading Faces and skulls

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Another scrappy adventure

If you are friends with me on Instagram and Facebook, then you already know this story, but here’s the whole tale in one post! This pile of scraps needed to become a quilt. As I normally do, I started with smaller pieces and put them together until I got some decent sized blocks. I even… Continue reading Another scrappy adventure

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SCREEEEECH! Halt. Sharp Turn!

The design of the Carpenter’s Angles quilt was finally cranking along, coming together really well. This morning I decided that I wanted to feature that large star and actually make a second one. That will be the focal point of the design. I need to decide if I want identical stars or stars with opposite… Continue reading SCREEEEECH! Halt. Sharp Turn!

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Quilt crowding

Design principles have become principles for a very good reason–they work! And sometimes when we are working on an actual project, we get so close to the work that we forget the big picture. My project with the tool fabric was just whizzing along, pieces flying off the cutting table and on to the design… Continue reading Quilt crowding