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Hmmm…maybe I need to measure.

Pictures don’t lie. My last post showed you the basic quilt design for my Stars At Night quilt. As I started to build, things went quite quickly, until I got to this center part. That was all fiddly and fussy and took a while. I ended up needing to make one more ‘house’ and then… Continue reading Hmmm…maybe I need to measure.

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Easter quilting time

The thought of time for quilting at Easter would have been unthinkable just a short while ago. Now with small gatherings and the small family, Easter prep is a snap. Figure out a meal–ham couldn’t be any easier–no hiding or dyeing eggs for little children, not even a big deal with Easter baskets. Chocolate bunnies… Continue reading Easter quilting time

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Always–hurry up and wait!

I’ve heard this is a motto in every branch of the military, but it applies to a lot of things. For me, it’s usually waiting for paint to dry or walking away from glue fumes after spray basting. And yes, even if I wear a mask, those fumes linger in the area and it’s best… Continue reading Always–hurry up and wait!

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And now we….

Finishing a big project can leave an energy hole in the wall of creativity…..sometimes! I usually have several projects going at the same time so I seldom have ‘nothing’ waiting, but this is one of those times. And it’s not like an artist’s block because I have plenty of ideas. It’s more like a breathing… Continue reading And now we….

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Red Tree…done!

It’s been quite a journey on this one, for sure. The edge finish being red wasn’t really in question! It was only a matter of which technique. I’ve done raw edges with cording before and sometimes it takes more stitching than I want to do. And I don’t really like raw edge techniques without fancy… Continue reading Red Tree…done!

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Red Tree quilting time

My lovely red tree might–just might–be done. Since I quilted it in bits and pieces, I had more time than usual to think about what I was doing. Usually it’s pedal to the metal and full speed ahead but this allowed me time to play with the threads a bit more. I tried to get… Continue reading Red Tree quilting time