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Projects….or total relaxation?

Since I’m about to have several days away, I’m getting some projects ready to take with me and work on. There is a LOT of stuff to take with me if I’m going to sew away from home. I’m just not sure what I want to work on, since I really don’t have a current… Continue reading Projects….or total relaxation?

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Weekend fun-ish!

It was another away hockey tournament weekend for the grandson. That means hotel time for us and for the first time in a long time, I saw some interesting hotel carpeting again. I’m not thrilled with the colors but I like the retro look. The feeling carried over into the room, with this bold choice… Continue reading Weekend fun-ish!

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Glimpse a scrap…

My studio was calling my name today and I went down with the intention of making some string scrap flowers. I had a couple of methods that I wanted to try out so I cleared the table of extras and that’s when it happened! I put fabric on one shelf and a glimpse of bright… Continue reading Glimpse a scrap…

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Hockey goose

Since my grandson is playing for a new team with different colors this year, I thought I would make a new hockey quilt. Nothing wrong with the old one and it doesn’t have team specific colors…I just want a new one with his team colors. And no hockey players on my fabric this time either!… Continue reading Hockey goose

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Banishing squirrels…

You know…those squirrels of distraction that go running by, trying to draw you away from what you started out to do. I definitely had a few running around today, but I refused to follow them! I was sorting through some scraps to give away–yes, I did promise to do that. I ran across these leftover… Continue reading Banishing squirrels…

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Rest for the brain

There are several types of mindless sewing that I enjoy doing. The first is to grab small pieces of fabric from the scrap baskets and start sewing them together to make bigger pieces of fabric. No designing–no planning–no fussing! Simple sewing, putting pieces together, smaller to larger. Totally peaceful and relaxing. My other favorite thing… Continue reading Rest for the brain

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First, you UN-sew…

Yep…first thing I picked up today in the studio was a component that I had sewn together incorrectly. Not a good start. And then I started re-arranging components on the design wall, and there was some more unsewing done. I thought I had things settled and ready to assemble, but I DO NOT! This was… Continue reading First, you UN-sew…

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On the sidelines

I spent some time today reviewing the quilt tops I have ready to be quilted. Since I was able to donate 9 or 10 to the quilt quild for charity quilts, I only have 6 full size quilts that I actually want to quilt. Two of those I will happily pay a longarmer to finish… Continue reading On the sidelines

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All my quilty sins

There are perfectionists and there are perfect, beautiful quilts. Neither of those things apply to me. Especially when it comes to using up scraps for utility quilts. My traditional quilting background gives me basics that I try very hard to follow. Accurate cutting and piecing are essentials, necessities for good construction. But the quilt police… Continue reading All my quilty sins