Next set ready

Always sad when I don’t have much time for sewing, but I’m carving out a few minutes here and there.

The second set of samples for Blue Lake is ready to be mounted.

There are five pieces in this series to illustrate two things–series pieces do not all have to be the same size and a series is not a static number of pieces.

I like all the little pieces I’m doing, but this one is so me…all angles and asymmetrical and a bit of bright and a bit of glitz!

I have to start thinking about what finishing options I want to present. I want the students to have choices, to be able to DO whatever they choose and to feel they have completed an ART piece when they are done.

Much more work to be done, but I’m loving every moment of it!


First of the series

As promised, here is a picture of the first series in the samples I’m making for camp.

They are not mounted on anything, because I want to keep my options open. I want the kids to see mounting on a single backing, probably in an accordion book format, single entities, and sculpturally, as in a cube or pyramid. So I’ll need to keep making……..

Some of the fun parts of working on this today was looking over the buttons I was considering adding to the pieces.

I had no idea that I had so many of these white sculptural buttons.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I didn’t use many since these pieces are so small, but now that I know I have them, it could be the basis for another larger piece.

My bead collection is pretty extensive and I thought it would be simple to find a few beads to go with this series. Not so much. That nice pure blue of the fabric apparently is not a bead color I have! So I spent some delightful time looking through my little container of leftover beads.

And I found six beads that matched each other and went with the fabric. And I realized that I have a LOT of beads in that little container of leftovers. I’d better get planning some beading projects to use up the stash as well as using up the fabric stash!


Lots of littles…

Working on the little samples for camp, but barely started on them so really nothing new to show.

My day started with an interview for the local paper about my art hanging at the library right now. I was glad to go in and chat because I hadn’t taken any pics of the show after I hung it. The nook they put the art in is very cozy, with armchairs and a fireplace and it makes you feel as though the art could be hanging in your home. I like that a lot.

This is still my current favorite piece!

And space on each side of the fireplace, along with their permanent art pieces.

It’s always fun to have your art on display!

My day included a little jaunt to a quilt shop about an hour away. I knew that I would not get away without some fabric, despite my attempts to destash, but I was very conservative!

Half yards and yards, though, where I usually only buy fat quarters, but aren’t they gorgeous!

And a quick step-by-step of the sample distraction project, because it is DONE!

Another one mounted on wool, with edges fringed and wild, but I’m liking the way these look hanging on the wall. I need to get out of the green/turquoise family, though. I’m feeling like it might be time for some orange on the next one.

And the most joyful part of the day came in the mail. My aunt was on a little trip, went into a store and saw THIS–

She knows I like colorful fabrics but she had no idea that I LOVE sugar skulls and this fabric is totally awesome. Aunt Jean is also super awesome!!! Thank you.

Now I need to get going on stitching up those sample pieces!

Slow decisions

It was actually a warm spring day today so I spent some time outdoors enjoying it. Naturally that means that sewing did not get done!

I keep stumbling over a little bundle of coordinating fabric that I once started playing with. I took it off the shelf today and spread the elements over the design wall.

I have no idea what my original intention with this piece was. I also have no idea what direction I want to go in to move it forward. It seems as though black is the only color that will coordinate things, but that seems almost like giving up to a challenge. Much more contemplation is needed, but I think this will be my next stashbusting project.

On the hand-sewing front, I have stalled out a little on the small samples for Blue Lake. I’ve been working on this larger project and I’m at another decision point. I selected some beads, but think that I’ll only use the magenta ones…a little emphasis that will not take over the design.

Maaaaaaaaybe………………………….I found a couple of ceramic buttons that look really good on this piece. If I use them, though, it really changes the feel of the whole thing.

What do you think? I’m leaning toward ‘no buttons’ but that might lead to lots more of the magenta beads finding their way into the piece. You know that I’m always good with more, more, more but I’m not sure the piece needs it! As I look at the pics, I’m also thinking maybe I need a bit more stitching to texturize the background, too.

Not much action, lots of contemplation and I’m okay with it. Thinking is good!

Spring Break Sewing

The grandson is on spring break this week and we are babysitting him every day. This is the extent of my sewing…

We have done painting and stenciling and made stamps.

We have done some household tasks, like replacing old shower curtains and a damaged mailbox.

We have done some necessary math, which is NOT his favorite part of the day.

We have also gone to the movies, which WAS his favorite part.

This is a great time for us and I would never think of giving up time with him in favor sewing. Nope!

Sewing will resume in a few days…thanks for playing along with me. Go find a kid and get a hug!

The Stylized Tree—Finished

Finished, except for label and hanging sleeve, but sometimes those wait until I actually need to hang a piece!

I tried very hard to get it nice and straight, square and even, with no wavy edges. It came pretty close for as wonky as it was when I started! I’m certainly not going to stress over it.

And I didn’t try to get a professional looking photo. It’s just stuck up on the design wall so I could look at it and breath a sigh of relief!

But even as I was working to finish this up, I was thinking about the next project. A FB photo caught my eye and I tracked it down to a free pattern. The actual picture of the sample quilt was quite uninspiring, but the FB photo was very colorful, and mine will be also. I’m using strips of batiks, and it looks like a jelly roll that I have no recollection of buying. Some of them were already sewn together in pairs and that’s actually part of how the pattern is created, so bonus there!

Now all I have to do is find something compatible that I have 2 yards of to finish it. And I don’t have many fabrics in large chunks. A yard is a big piece for the way I work! I absolutely will not buy anything to finish this with, but I’m sure there is something in the pile that I have been hoarding that will work!!!

I’m really excited to get this one started. Using up my stash is turning out to be lots of fun, and I may actually get to a point where I feel it’s truly getting close to “used up”—don’t laugh. It can happen!

Busy days, sewing wishes

Yes, indeed, I’m wishing for sewing time. Even though I’ve done more sewing in the last couple of weeks than I have in the last several months, it isn’t enough! I love having time to play with my fabrics, to be creative and have no deadlines.

But there are often impediments to getting down to that sewing machine, like enjoying weekend hockey tournaments and going to kickboxing with my daughter. And, yes, I’m too old for kickboxing, but guess what? I can do it anyway. It feels good to exercise, even when I complain about it!

I’m making tiny bits of progress on my tree, and I’m happy with it. Stitched down my little branch and leaf pieces with some crazy sewing.

The idea is to simply get it attached to the background at this point. Additional stitch decisions will be coming, but step 1 is done.

My two big panels are sewn together and I’m thinking about a narrow strip of the stripe (say that 3 times real fast!!) across the top.

Nothing more will happen for a day or so. Monday evening I have to give a lecture at the Macomb Co. Quilt Guild and Tuesday is giving blood. Even though there may technically be time to sew, I find it’s harder when it’s interrupted time. Looking forward to Wednesday, when I’ll be back on my regular lazy retired person schedule!