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Easter quilting time

The thought of time for quilting at Easter would have been unthinkable just a short while ago. Now with small gatherings and the small family, Easter prep is a snap. Figure out a meal–ham couldn’t be any easier–no hiding or dyeing eggs for little children, not even a big deal with Easter baskets. Chocolate bunnies… Continue reading Easter quilting time

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Failure to photo…again!

Class day started out with lots of good intentions to photograph and document the lessons I learned. I got started with the laminated paper and got my blank leaf cut out. And then we got our fabric from the kit and started to design our piece. And my intentions went straight to hell. I did… Continue reading Failure to photo…again!

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One down, infinity to go!

My Lavadour inspired quilt is all quilted and ready for the binding! It took less time than usual for a couple of reasons. I was not distracted by several projects going on at once, my machine and I were in tune with each other, I really, really wanted it done and I had uninterrupted time.… Continue reading One down, infinity to go!

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Remember the Goal!

I spent a lot of time this week agonizing over which set of blue fabric I would use and what kind of a pattern or improv idea I needed. So many different scenarios ran through my head that I ended up wanting to throw the fabric back on the shelf and start all over again.… Continue reading Remember the Goal!

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Now I’m looking for the next use up the stash project…and no brilliant ideas are leaping into my brain! I looked at the shelves and decided that blues needed to be reduced. I pulled them out and they kinda sorted themselves into clear blues and turquoise-y blues. And I had once upon a time stocked… Continue reading Uninspiring

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Saving what you hate!

It’s been well over a year since I made this quilt top. It’s been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to stop hating it. That hasn’t happened yet. I almost like the center white curve but the rest of it is a total failure, in my mind. I hung it up again today to… Continue reading Saving what you hate!

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Design brain crack!

My usual getting-to-sleep relaxation technique is to think about whatever project I might be working on and plan the next step. Or to plan a first step on a new project. My latest project began like that. I knew that I wanted to use a big triangle ruler but there were a lot of different… Continue reading Design brain crack!

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Not liking it…

Jumping into the next project is still up in the air. My embellished palm leaf is one option, which is not lighting a huge fire in my heart right now. Big triangles with those bright fabric bundles is another. I decided to try those out with scraps first to see how I would like them.… Continue reading Not liking it…