With a Beading Obsession

Leaf studies


Infinite Holes Sold

Where Do Rainbows Go?

Where Do Rainbows Go?

Small projects 14

Sparklies 14 12 x 12 $30

Storm in the City 24 x 24 $400

Storm in the City 24 x 24 $400

Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams 16 x 20 Private Collection

Sparklie 17

Map sparklie

B:W stitching

Sparklies 18

Wool squares done

Whimsy–21 x 30–Wool with bead, silk and cotton embellishments


The Grotto 20 x 25

Planetary Forces1

Garden of Jewels

Garden of Jewels

…not quite finished!

Fancy flowers 2 final

Jan13 AA6

Fancy Flowers final

Crystal Falls 16 x 20

Crystal Falls detail

Islas 16 x 20

Islas detail

Spring Dress Parade

Deco Leaves 16 x 20

Deco Leaves detail

This Way to Treasure

Always Autumn

Always Autumn detail

Show Me the Way

Show Me the Way detail



Spring detail


Detail of Exuberance

Faultlines 16 x 20


Waterfall 16 x 20

Waterfall detail