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Dragonfly days

My collaborative experience at Touch of Home daycare led to a week’s worth of dragonflies! That’s what we made that day, from beads and I was inspired to create one on a fabric background. Had a bit of an issue figuring out the wings, but when I remembered and found a nice silvery thread fabric… Continue reading Dragonfly days

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Cool and funky or flaky?

My dragonfly experience at the adult daycare got me totally inspired and ready to create. I had a small background piece ready to go……so I got going. I added lots of ribbon, yarn and thread and came up with this for my basic background. Not quite enough, so when I got back to it today,… Continue reading Cool and funky or flaky?

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Collaborative Art

When the information for this project floated across my screen, I was interested but skeptical. It’s a call for artists to collaborate in an Alzheimer’s fundraiser. The parameters are incredibly open-ended and I like to make contributions for Alzheimer’s research whenever I can. I don’t typically make/donate art for causes or “exposure” anymore, but this… Continue reading Collaborative Art

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Hockey goose

Since my grandson is playing for a new team with different colors this year, I thought I would make a new hockey quilt. Nothing wrong with the old one and it doesn’t have team specific colors…I just want a new one with his team colors. And no hockey players on my fabric this time either!… Continue reading Hockey goose

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Rush to finish

For some reason, I felt pressure to hurry and finish the little pass-around piece I started at our KEQ meeting. That’s strange, because sometimes I just do the exercise of the day and never look at the piece again. Let’s see…we met on Thursday. By the end of Saturday I had this much done. I… Continue reading Rush to finish

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Learn to turn

Our project at our last KEQ meeting was to bring a small started piece that we would then pass around. Each person would add something of their choice to each piece as it was passed. We had done this before, with each piece being passed with a set of embellishments selected by the owner to… Continue reading Learn to turn

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Slowly working

The weather has been delightful lately and I’m getting interested in my neglected flower beds again. When that happens, the sewing slows down a lot! I wanted to get a project started with my orange fabrics, but when I got them off the shelf, I found that I didn’t have much variety of color value.… Continue reading Slowly working

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What to do with leaves…

Still working on several things at once, but some are getting close to done. I have a set of sugar skulls ready to mount and get wired. A couple more still to work on, but I think I need a break from them. I got the lawn (weeds!) mowed and took a few moments to… Continue reading What to do with leaves…