OPA–Other People’s Art

Twice in the same month–unheard of for me! I have totally fallen in love with art by Other People, and PURCHASED it!

Usually all I have to do is think of all my own art, unhung and in a pile in the studio and that deters me from making a purchase of beautiful art. Of course, that means I am not supporting my fellow artists, but that’s an issue of economics, not an issue of the heart.

Sometimes those issues of the heart speak louder than you can resist. Today was one of those days.

I took art into Grove Gallery for their holiday sale and walked out owning this piece by Barbara Hranilovich . Had to have it.

Hope I make enough at my own Artisan Showcase next week to cover those economic issues I mentioned, too! Sigh…I love art…


Gotta stitch…

Administrative tasks are booooooring! Labels and sleeves and inventories—meh! So I had to do just a teeny bit of stitching. And I mean teeny!

I added a couple of rows of machine stitching and a facing. And I think I will be mounting it on this canvas. IF the paint dries to a good color.

And I took a picture of this project, which was completed long ago. It only needs to be added to the inventory.

Not a great picture, but at least it was time spent in the studio!

Friday I will be delivering items to the Grove Gallery in Lansing, for their upcoming holiday show. Hope a lot of them don’t come home!

Lots of grandson hockey and college hockey this weekend. Fun times!

Winding up…or is it down?

It’s kind of hit or miss around here as far as studio work goes. I took some final photos of work after sleeves and labels, but not sure I ever posted them for you. And if I did, well, here they are again!

Renovations 28 x 29

Mountain Sunset 17 x 25

Fall Fire 15 x 26


And I may have found a stone to use for the focal point in the one I set aside!

Now to get that silver bail off and decide how I am going to attach the stone to the piece. Shiny and bright and I think just right!

My Knot Even Quilters group is working on a new challenge. We talked and talked and made so many suggestions and I think we finally worked our way around to an idea that will work! Fall leaves on a black and white background.

This is my attempt at the concept, even though I don’t need it for a few weeks. My friend Gayle said that she calls this kind of work ‘procrastination work’ and I have called it ‘avoidance work’ because I’m avoiding what I should really be doing!

Graphic, improv and simple to execute. Then I laid on the oddball collection of leaves I have accumulated through several projects.

I really think this can work!

Did I tell you that I had a few pieces sell over the weekend? That means a slight adjustment to what goes to which gallery for the upcoming shows and the Artisan Showcase here. Administration duties, cleaning and organizing for the next week!

Good thing we have Halloween in there for some fun before the show! My favorite holiday–looking forward to it.


Textile Inspiration

There is no work of my own to show you right now. I spent Friday and Saturday doing demos at The Quilted Tree Quilt Show, which was a lot of fun. Sold a few things, too…always a delightful bonus! The venue was a church and I was in a room that must be used as a lounge because it was full of couches and chairs, pushed back along the walls for the show.  I was opposite a triptych of textile work that fascinated me and I couldn’t stop examining it!

And before I get chastised, there was no artist attribution that I could find and no one I asked had any info, either! I’m not very good at estimating the length of a room, but this must have taken up about 15 feet of linear space. It was huge…and beautiful.

Details follow, but the entire wall was endlessly fascinating for me and the closer I looked, the more detail I found. Absolutely my favorite type of artwork! (Sorry, but I am ignorant of how to set up the pics so you can click on them to make them larger. Perhaps someone can tutor me!)

It certainly inspired me! Would love to create in this fashion someday!

Directions and sleeves, again!

Are you tired of looking at this piece, yet? Here’s the newest rendition ————

And the detail

I had always planned on making the spot where the bead is my focal point. And I thought this large bead, surrounded by small beads would work. Played with laying out more and more beads and it simply was not working for me.

So I took them all off.

There is not a single bead or button or rock in my collection that is just right for this spot. For the moment then, I have decided to stick with the total hand stitching aspect and  identify that focal spot with a few French knots.

They don’t stand out very much, so I know that won’t be the final look. I changed the direction I was thinking of, too, because I don’t want to give the idea of a picket fence!

This one is going into temporary time out until I get it all figured out!

And since I’m working on several shows right now, I have sleeves and finishing…always!

Sleeves last night

and today I will work on adding hanging hardware and wires to my canvas pieces.

When everything is actually ready to be sold, I can relax and think about new pieces again!

There’s probably a better way…

The construction methods I am using in this scrap project are very time consuming. I am positive there is a better way, but…these scrap projects are make-it-up-as-I-go-along. Sometimes you go forward, then backward to make progress.

I started with the dark blue background and put some contrasting strips on it. Tried lots of variations but didn’t have what I wanted to add with me so I basted it and put it aside until I got home.

Original idea

I ended up adding only a couple of little strips and basted again. At this point of construction, I baste to a piece of batting or felt. Then I can do any stitching or beading without worrying about the messy back showing. I add a backing after all that work is done. That requires a bit more stitching to hold those layers together, but I can plan for that!

Thought I wanted to add tons of glitz and foo-foo, but really couldn’t figure out what would look good AND not totally obscure the strips! Then inspiration struck, thanks to a picture from Katie McGrath and I decided that a simple circle pattern would work the best. Sooooo, I machine basted that, using the presser foot as my guide.

Basting all over this baby! Started hand stitching, again keeping it simple and removing basting stitches as I went along. The basting on the machine took about 5 minutes. The hand stitching takes a bit more time! Here’s where I’m at, hours later, with lots more stitching ahead.

But guess what? Simple stitches are so relaxing. No worry about which new stitch to use, or to learn or balancing the variety of stitches chosen. Simply sewing. Lots of basting, and more basting and taking out the basting. Then lots of stitching and when I add the back, more stitching.

Yes, there probably is a better way, but this way gives me lots of decision making time and every bit of it is working with the textiles I love! It’s all good!

And it was our local Appleumpkin Festival this weekend, so we took time out to walk uptown and check out everything. It’s also become a family tradition to visit one particular vendor who creates metal yard art. I ALWAYS find something I love and here is this year’s winner.

I have a pretty good metal art garden going on now. I plan to arrange it more purposefully in the spring, and make it a nice feature in the front of my house. Always have more plans than time, but this is a spring project–lots of time!

Right now it’s finishing time for all my pieces—Holiday Show in Lansing, through Grove Gallery, my Artisan Showcase on Nov. 3 and a joint show with Katie McGrath at the Northville Art House in January. Life is busy, but it’s soooooo wonderful!

Happy stitches

It looks like I got more done on vacation than I really did! When you put the little bits and pieces up on the design wall all together—yep, looks like I worked very hard.

But these are only the very beginnings of new pieces. I am excited to have them to work on, but I needed to get this finished.

I will get a better picture of it up on the design wall, but I got it done right at the last minute before we had to leave and pick up the grandson for our regular Friday night sleepover. Boy, did I ever miss that while we were gone!

Of course the vacation had to include a visit to local quilt stores and even though I tried, I could not resist picking up a few more pieces of fabric!

It’s always good to get home, and I’m especially happy that it’s home with lots of new ideas!