Possibilities Day

All the fabric is in play today! Don’t have a project in mind, so it’s a day of looking at what’s on the shelves to see what inspires.

I wanted to start with this…I really, really did. Black, white, any of the colors within it are all possibilities.

And I’d dearly love to use up this collection.

I love all of these…not all together, of course.

And this piece of batik jumped out, wanting to be The One.

At least these are yard pieces, not fat quarters, so they are possibilities.

These are 1/2 yards, but I think I could come up with something to use both in the same piece.

A couple of larger pieces that would be good background to the right feature fabric.

Some fabrics that I had grouped together on the shelf don’t actually go that well together!

And some fabrics are either too much of a feature to blend with others, or not enough of a feature and get too blendy! Though I love each and every one of these!

And some fabrics that you haven’t used in years that you just want to be done with!

Haven’t come up with the next project, but I sure enjoyed looking through the treasures on the shelves!



Back to stashbusting!

The blocks for the first turquoise quilt were almost all on the design wall and it was ready to be sewn. Didn’t take long at all to get it all done.

The second one is going to be just as easy, because I am not going to play around with block placement. This works and I like it! However, my stacks of blocks don’t seem equal.

There are definitely more in one stack than in the other. I fear that I may have miscounted and miscut, but I’m out of time right now to find out. I may be forced to play around with the layout, but there will be no panic! I have lots of turquoise and a few mismatched half blocks that could be used. There are no more of any of the prints already used, but IF I need to make any more blocks, I am confident that I can find something compatible. It’s a scrap buster!!!

Don’t know when I’ll get back to it, but it won’t take long to finish when I do.

Looking at options

Looking at another busy week ahead, but it will end with a weekend quilt retreat, so all is good! I’m still debating whether I want to take all hand sewing and not bother with a machine, or pedal-to-the-metal and quilt Deb’s quilt. Probably end up with both and I can switch off whenever I get tired!

As I was putting blocks up on the design wall, though, I decided that I will NOT be bringing the turquoise quilts to put them together.

It’s not going to be hard, but it will be so much easier to do it on that wall where I can spread it out.

I had to be sure to have equal amounts of blocks cut opposite ways on the diagonal. I could fudge and adjust if it was all batik, but it’s not!

And it was super helpful to stack and organize with a background and print alternating before I cut. It really made the sewing go soooooo fast!

And then it was time to start putting blocks on the wall………one row of diagonals one way and the next row with the diagonals the other way. After I got a few rows up, I started to wonder about arranging by color instead of random.

Here is random……..

and here is matching…………

Right now I like the matching better, but these were leftover random pieces of fabrics to start with. I’m pretty sure I won’t have enough matching to make both quilts like this.  Won’t know until I get them both laid out!

And THAT is when I decided that this project will not be going to the retreat with me. It’s crazy that such a simple design requires so much thought, but, there it is!

Tuesday will be show hanging day at our library, so I have to get stuff ready for that. I have sooooooo much that it’s hard to edit down to a reasonable amount!

And Deb is traveling this week so we’ll be helping out with getting AJ to and from school and activities. That’s the most fun part of the week!  In fact, it’s almost time to go get him now!

New Stashbuster

Waiting on fabric to be washed and dried before I can quilt Deb’s text quilt, so I got fabric out to start the next one.

This is a 6′–or it might be 7′–table and I’ve laid out a few fabrics that go together!

And there were actually some fabrics that I pulled off the shelf that did not get along with these. I knew that I had a lot of turquoise related fabric, but this really floored me. And, you know, if I don’t get it out and use it, my shelves will never, ever be realistically stocked!

I have a simple pattern in mind, not improv, so I should be able to cut pieces and sew with no re-measuring or trimming. Fast, fast, fast……………………………………and then I cut.

Stacks and stacks of squares. There is no way that this will only be one quilt! Maybe matching twin quilts. But it will be whatever it takes to use up this fabric!

And I think I’m going to do something very unusual for me…get organized! Before I cut the squares, I’m going to stack and cut in pairs. I know already that there are more print squares than the solids. My norm is to just go for it and make adjustments as I need them. I’m using hand dyes and I’ve cut up all I have in this color family. Shall I dye up a bunch of yardage and figure on even more leftovers? Or shall I match up what I have and dye only what I need to finish? Common sense says the latter…looking at my shelves and seeing still more fabric that can go with a nice turquoise……..well, I guess I’ll dye up a bunch!

And as long as I’m dyeing, I can dye up a back for the text quilt. I’ll tell ya, I’m a fabric snob. I had a piece of wide width backing to use, from an estate sale, but it’s just not the highest quality so I won’t use it on a quilt for my daughter. It will be fine for wall hangings but it’s not what I want for a quilt that could get used every day. So everything is on hold for a little dye day, and this is a babysitting week for our grandson’s spring break. Guess I’ll have to slow my roll a bit!!!

I’ll say it again….so, so much fabric! I’m so happy to be using it.

And there is so much more………….

Quilt for my girl!

The next big use up the stash project is calling. That pile of black and whites isn’t getting any smaller…and I have a few more on the shelves. These are just the fat quarters. There is yardage!

I’m also being tempted by a bunch of turquoise prints

…because I have more of these colors than any other, except maybe orange! But, nooooooo….there is something that has a much higher priority!

My daughter is a big fan of fonts and text and I have long planned on making her a quilt with text fabric. I collected a fairly good number of text fabrics and had good intentions. Well, we know what road is paved with good intentions! I used some of the fabrics on a challenge piece because I had so many. Then I made a quilt with them and it didn’t turn out as I wanted and it ended up as a quilt on hubby’s chair. Then I used some  for a class I took and another bit for another challenge and now, this is all I have left and my daughter still doesn’t have a text quilt!!!!

Looking at the black and white with the little bits of reds I had been using with them did not inspire me at all. I hoped Deb would have a strong preference and showed her these blue fabrics.

And some green fabrics.

Hmmmm–I love those greens so I went ahead and made the decision for both of us! And after I made a couple of plain blocks, I finally figured out how I want to make this quilt.

Primarily little strips like this with green. The green will be spread out more than this, but I’m making the parts with green first. And I remembered as I was doing improv cutting and sewing that this is a sloooooow process! Nothing quick like the strip piecing of that last big quilt. However, it’s the only way to get the result I want, so slow stitching it is!

Yes, I am currently in use up the stash mode, but I can’t get so caught up in it that I forget the more important reasons for quilts. Family always comes first and making a quilt that will make my daughter happy will be so much fun for me.

And I think it’s free ice cream day at DQ so I’ll be sure to make time for that, too! Priorities, after all!


Color dilemna

It’s wonderful when this little pile of scrap is all that’s left after cutting out the pieces for my blocks!

After cutting my squares, they all needed to be cut diagonally. In order to have as much variety as possible, I switched each block so that the cuts were not identical. You know that I believe in the magic of random, so I was sure that this would work out fine!

The quilt is made with 7 full size blocks and 10 half blocks. I thought I could just grab one from stack 1 and one from stack 2 and get some speed piecing done. I kept turning things the wrong way, so I decided to slow it down and lay out all the pieces before sewing. Good thing I did because I kept getting confused!

Then I started thinking about how the colors would–or would not–align. I tried to lay it out so that no two of the same fabrics were right next to each other, though some of the same colors were. Finally I just threw the pieces up in the correct positions and took a step back. Aaaaand, what the pattern didn’t mention is that there are extra pieces! So I didn’t really need to worry if one of the strip sets was short after all!

Back to color–

–very scrappy, but I’m not sure if that’s what I truly want, now that I see it up on the wall. It might be a touch chaotic. But because I originally was aiming for random, it’s not possible to make all the blocks the same! However, I’m pretty sure that I can make one row of each block all the same color. That will at least help to define the squares better. Or is random really happier?

If you saw on FB, I mentioned that I was going to try a little controlled arrangement. I decided that the white was bothering me and moved most of it to the outside edges.

I’m not sure if that’s any better or not!!!

I’d love your opinions and suggestions!

Wednesday Sew Day

As I’m writing this, it’s Tuesday night and I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I have no obligations until 6:00 PM so I can spend AAAALLLLLL day in the studio! What a treat!

Working on the leaves piece, of course. I had first thought I’d use this piece of orange for the backing.

I measured and fiddled and thought I could piece it to fit…barely! And then I came to my senses. I HATE to piece backs. And what if I did all that fiddling and it was still too small? Not worth the hassle.

Remember that awful dyeing failure?

After overdyeing, it is a wonderful blue that will work just fine!

Still has lots of splotchy colored spots, but with the blue overdye, they managed to be blended and look fine.

No fiddling–and it’s all basted and ready for sewing in the morning. I may be at it before you even get out of bed!

Fun, fun, fun ahead.