Overwhelmed and almost defeated!

Yes, I am declaring myself officially scrap overwhelmed! I keep my scraps in baskets, roughly sorted into warm, cool and neutrals. Then there was the huge plastic tub of kinda sorted scraps that I told myself I was done with…and then kept throwing in project leftovers without any sorting. I kept tripping over that one so I figured I could get it sorted and cut into some strips and sewn up and truly done with! Hahahahaha!

This is sort of what it looked like when I started, but it’s actually another whole pile of fabric to be sorted that I used to use when I gave a talk.

After pressing a few things, I remembered that the box contained mainly bright fabrics that I had used in one way or another for baby quilts and I was tired of them. Here’s the stack of quite small pieces–enough for a baby quilt here by itself!

And the pile of larger pieces, all nicely pressed! Probably 2-3 baby quilts here.

A pile of all orange……….

And bright and black that I thought I might start each block with….

except now I have no idea what kind of block to make! My original idea was a log cabin kind with logs added only on two sides. Large and fast, probably but not good for using up those smaller pieces….which have lots of matching parts with the larger pieces. Sigh…………….obviously I need to do a little research and planning before I simply start cutting. I’m not likely to want everything all one size, even if my scrap sizes agreed with that idea. Ideally it would all go into one large quilt, since it all goes together.

And I thought using up my stash was hard with fat quarter and larger pieces….HA again! These smaller pieces are trouble and I can’t seem to bring myself to pitch it all or chop it up into dog bed stuffing or inflict it on someone else to figure out a solution.

Yep, overwhelmed and walked away for today. Cogitation needed! And maybe a glass of wine…………………………………………….sigh!


Hockey quilt layout

A few blocks are finished and on the design wall. I’m not sure I like this.

The hockey print is getting lost in all the b/w and red. I may need to go back to one set of corner triangles and make more of the smaller blocks. I need to look at it for a while before I decide on how I want to proceed.

I also need to remember that this is a drag-around quilt. Maybe a big blue hockey fabric border will make it all be fine!

Slow decisions

It was actually a warm spring day today so I spent some time outdoors enjoying it. Naturally that means that sewing did not get done!

I keep stumbling over a little bundle of coordinating fabric that I once started playing with. I took it off the shelf today and spread the elements over the design wall.

I have no idea what my original intention with this piece was. I also have no idea what direction I want to go in to move it forward. It seems as though black is the only color that will coordinate things, but that seems almost like giving up to a challenge. Much more contemplation is needed, but I think this will be my next stashbusting project.

On the hand-sewing front, I have stalled out a little on the small samples for Blue Lake. I’ve been working on this larger project and I’m at another decision point. I selected some beads, but think that I’ll only use the magenta ones…a little emphasis that will not take over the design.

Maaaaaaaaybe………………………….I found a couple of ceramic buttons that look really good on this piece. If I use them, though, it really changes the feel of the whole thing.

What do you think? I’m leaning toward ‘no buttons’ but that might lead to lots more of the magenta beads finding their way into the piece. You know that I’m always good with more, more, more but I’m not sure the piece needs it! As I look at the pics, I’m also thinking maybe I need a bit more stitching to texturize the background, too.

Not much action, lots of contemplation and I’m okay with it. Thinking is good!

Possibilities Day

All the fabric is in play today! Don’t have a project in mind, so it’s a day of looking at what’s on the shelves to see what inspires.

I wanted to start with this…I really, really did. Black, white, any of the colors within it are all possibilities.

And I’d dearly love to use up this collection.

I love all of these…not all together, of course.

And this piece of batik jumped out, wanting to be The One.

At least these are yard pieces, not fat quarters, so they are possibilities.

These are 1/2 yards, but I think I could come up with something to use both in the same piece.

A couple of larger pieces that would be good background to the right feature fabric.

Some fabrics that I had grouped together on the shelf don’t actually go that well together!

And some fabrics are either too much of a feature to blend with others, or not enough of a feature and get too blendy! Though I love each and every one of these!

And some fabrics that you haven’t used in years that you just want to be done with!

Haven’t come up with the next project, but I sure enjoyed looking through the treasures on the shelves!


Issues of ‘too much stuff’

Quilt retreat this weekend–hooray! I decided to take my sewing machine and quilt my daughter’s quilt, rather than ONLY take hand work to do. That’s a simple bunch of stuff to pack…the machine, the thread, the quilt, even the binding…Bam! It’s ready.

Then it took me two days to figure out what I wanted to work on for the hand sewing. At first I thought I would use the pile of necktie fabric that I have collected.

You would be surprised at how much fabric there is in a simple silk tie.

And I have plain scraps and glitzy scraps galore, from which to choose.

I know that I want to make samples for our Blue Lake project this summer. Ooooookaaaay! The design of that project will be wide open for student imagination, so my imagination had an awful time trying to figure out what the best examples will be.

Poor empty box here, waiting for me to make a decision…

It’s not as if I’ll be leaving on Monday for that assignment and have to have everything ready. It’s not until July! I’ve got time! But you know how sneaky that time thing is…next thing I know, July will be here and I can’t stand the thought of being unprepared.

What? You think everything I do is totally improvised? HA! When I’m teaching, I like to show everything I can think of…and have samples of everything I can think of…so that the students can envision how to do improv. I was taught by nuns—I DO my homework, or else!

I was getting overwhelmed with too much stuff again, too many choices! I ended up going to the box of vintage linens, which also has a bunch of silk and sample fabrics, all in light colors. I have a charm pack of grunge fabric, a little wool and ALL my favorite embroidery thread. Surprise–no beads! That kind of embellishment can wait until after I get home.

I will make whatever I can with what I have! And, you know, it’s a retreat with a bunch of artists who use textiles. Everyone will have scraps and all of these women are sharers. It will work.

See the little carry-on bag on the right? That’s clothes. I can pack for a week in that little bag! All the rest is sewing stuff…so that means I’m headed for a good time.

I can’t wait to see what I come home with, and I’ll share it with you as soon as I get it figured out!

Looking at options

Looking at another busy week ahead, but it will end with a weekend quilt retreat, so all is good! I’m still debating whether I want to take all hand sewing and not bother with a machine, or pedal-to-the-metal and quilt Deb’s quilt. Probably end up with both and I can switch off whenever I get tired!

As I was putting blocks up on the design wall, though, I decided that I will NOT be bringing the turquoise quilts to put them together.

It’s not going to be hard, but it will be so much easier to do it on that wall where I can spread it out.

I had to be sure to have equal amounts of blocks cut opposite ways on the diagonal. I could fudge and adjust if it was all batik, but it’s not!

And it was super helpful to stack and organize with a background and print alternating before I cut. It really made the sewing go soooooo fast!

And then it was time to start putting blocks on the wall………one row of diagonals one way and the next row with the diagonals the other way. After I got a few rows up, I started to wonder about arranging by color instead of random.

Here is random……..

and here is matching…………

Right now I like the matching better, but these were leftover random pieces of fabrics to start with. I’m pretty sure I won’t have enough matching to make both quilts like this.  Won’t know until I get them both laid out!

And THAT is when I decided that this project will not be going to the retreat with me. It’s crazy that such a simple design requires so much thought, but, there it is!

Tuesday will be show hanging day at our library, so I have to get stuff ready for that. I have sooooooo much that it’s hard to edit down to a reasonable amount!

And Deb is traveling this week so we’ll be helping out with getting AJ to and from school and activities. That’s the most fun part of the week!  In fact, it’s almost time to go get him now!

Spring Break Sewing

The grandson is on spring break this week and we are babysitting him every day. This is the extent of my sewing…

We have done painting and stenciling and made stamps.

We have done some household tasks, like replacing old shower curtains and a damaged mailbox.

We have done some necessary math, which is NOT his favorite part of the day.

We have also gone to the movies, which WAS his favorite part.

This is a great time for us and I would never think of giving up time with him in favor sewing. Nope!

Sewing will resume in a few days…thanks for playing along with me. Go find a kid and get a hug!