Comatose…that’s a good word for the extreme laziness I’ve been feeling this week. I have all kinds of excuses. I am stuck on some design decisions. I have a cold. Lots of outside commitments, like a dentist appointment and lunches. But mostly I just haven’t felt like diving into my work.

I feel like I’ve been complaining so much about not finding the right thing to go in the center of my ‘light’ piece, and I still haven’t found a bead or bauble that is right. However, yesterday my friend made a wonderful suggestion to look up symbols for light, since that was what I was trying to portray. Yeah, that was a ‘light bulb’ moment…hahahaha!

There are a lot of yin/yang symbols that portray light and dark and some things that don’t seem to deliver any kind of message. I found some Celtic symbols that I liked, though they didn’t necessarily mean light.

This is the symbol I will probably use.

It seems to be Hawaiian and means ‘the light that makes you gasp’. Isn’t that a wonderful phrase and thought?

I have to get it drawn to the best size for the piece and then decide the best materials, but I love this idea and I think it will work just fine.

This weekend brings a little bit of hockey, a quilt guild meeting and another trip to the dentist. There should be a tiny snuggle up with the grandson, too…the best part of any day of the week!


Back to the beginning

Updating you on my progress—great lack of! I thought I had a solution and added some very light colored beads to one ray of my picture.

Those beads did absolutely zero to portray light. So I took them off and went back to the beginning. Tried ALL the colors, ALL the shapes, ALL the sizes of ALL the beads and came back to my original size and color.

Light beads in the circle and out to the tips of the turquoise rays, then turquoise beads through the rays. I have decided to add the darker beads around the outside and far ends of the rays.

Nothing is going to be dramatic and none of it is going to be a glaring standout. A simple progression of small sparks of light and subtle color. Sometimes the original plan works the best.

There is still the possibility of adding more color. I’ll see what it needs after I get the basic beading done. So you probably won’t get another update on this particular project for a little while—there are a LOT of little beads to add!

A little help from my friends…

When I am working on a piece, I often ask you all for advice. I ask everyone I see for advice. Having different opinions makes it easier for me to clarify what I really want to show. I certainly didn’t think I’d have any time to work on this piece, what with so much hockey going on this weekend! However, there was certainly down time, and I didn’t do anything else that might have needed doing!

So, here’s where I’m at…I did not think that I would be adding beads to this piece at all, but as I was working on the French knots, the piece told me that it needed more! Where I need your input is in a ‘focal point’ area.

I have knots and beads flowing from the lower left corner to the upper right, out into the turquoise rays. Do you think I need to concentrate the beads in any ray area, more in the bottom corner, or what?

This is the way I’ve started into the rays.

And here is the starting corner.

Any opinions or suggestions are very welcome. My beads and I are eager to continue!

Directions and sleeves, again!

Are you tired of looking at this piece, yet? Here’s the newest rendition ————

And the detail

I had always planned on making the spot where the bead is my focal point. And I thought this large bead, surrounded by small beads would work. Played with laying out more and more beads and it simply was not working for me.

So I took them all off.

There is not a single bead or button or rock in my collection that is just right for this spot. For the moment then, I have decided to stick with the total hand stitching aspect and  identify that focal spot with a few French knots.

They don’t stand out very much, so I know that won’t be the final look. I changed the direction I was thinking of, too, because I don’t want to give the idea of a picket fence!

This one is going into temporary time out until I get it all figured out!

And since I’m working on several shows right now, I have sleeves and finishing…always!

Sleeves last night

and today I will work on adding hanging hardware and wires to my canvas pieces.

When everything is actually ready to be sold, I can relax and think about new pieces again!

Happy stitches

It looks like I got more done on vacation than I really did! When you put the little bits and pieces up on the design wall all together—yep, looks like I worked very hard.

But these are only the very beginnings of new pieces. I am excited to have them to work on, but I needed to get this finished.

I will get a better picture of it up on the design wall, but I got it done right at the last minute before we had to leave and pick up the grandson for our regular Friday night sleepover. Boy, did I ever miss that while we were gone!

Of course the vacation had to include a visit to local quilt stores and even though I tried, I could not resist picking up a few more pieces of fabric!

It’s always good to get home, and I’m especially happy that it’s home with lots of new ideas!

Little bits of nothing much

Having time and not having the right materials is hard. The ideas are there but I need more of a palette than I brought with me.

This one starts with a fat quarter of navy blue. I wanted it full sized—really did not want to cut it into pieces! So I added a previously cut square with a rainbow of colors.

I went through every piece of fabric I had to decide what the next step would be———-and put every piece of fabric back on the pile. This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

Going back to smaller pieces, I tried this.

It’s a start, but I think I will want a series of embellished lines all across it and I don’t have any of that kind of stuff here with me. This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

Third time’s the charm, right? Pick up a few more pieces and just lay them on top of one another. I’m happy with the start…

Guess what? This is basted and set aside until I have access to more options.

My attempt to force the fabrics I have to go together in more configurations is done! I think I need to wait until I have access to ALL my options!

Time to go read a book….and probably attempt my favorite sport, napping!


Idea train—hop on board!

While on vacation, I thought I’d have time to play a little bit making some back grounds. I grabbed a small stack of fabric and really believed it was more than I would ever have time to use.

Well, I had time to make this one, but nothing else appropriate to add to it.

Then I had almost all day today and looked at many, many…yes, many options. I’ll put them into a small slide show for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To my mind, I don’t have the correct color. I do like the single strips woven through the light blue strips, though. I think I might need a brighter fuschia, but I will have to settle for this first step and try out other fabric when I have my full palette available.

Soooooo–having more time to sit and relax is wonderful! And I do have quite a bit of fabric left to play with. I’m having fun with the colors I’m working with, so I think I will simply continue to create backgrounds, or parts of backgrounds with them and use them as best I can later.

Deck time-mountain view-family—————that’s is the major agenda right now, but you know I will always find time to sew if I can!